Sin Kim San Cafe @ Rangoon Road Part 2

After the first post of the cafe, I remember I missed out few more photos of it so here it is I'll write for another one. The part II!. But part 2 the foods is not that awesome compared to the previous one because we always ordered the same foods whenever we are there so this time round we promised each other not to order the same foods and try something new.

MummyQ ordered this Chicken Rice (3 Taste) that comes with roasted chicken, char siew and roasted pork and instead of slices of cucumber they give bean sprouts and also a bowl of clear cabbage soup which I did not capture. I have a few bites and it really doesn't impress me, the roasted pork doesn't really crispy and a bit taste of soggy for the outer skin and the meats is kind off dry and tasteless, usually people season it with salt to bring out the flavors but I doesn't taste anything. Char Siew, the color does look good but the meats is super dry although it is a glaze with honey/sugar type but it doesn't look glossy but it does taste a bit sweet, I can say that it is not aromatic and flavorful enough. Roasted chicken too is dry and chewy, the beautiful meat do not have its tenderness and is a bit tasteless, that is why they drizzle it with fried garlic oil on it to make it taste better and the soy sauce is too watery, not flavorful, the ratio is totally off and the rice really not flavorful, it almost does taste like plain rice. Even MummyQ who is not picky about food, complaint so much and does not finish the while thing. Therefore she ordered other meal to eat together with the dishes and left the rice alone.
And this is what Mummyq ordered to eat with the rest of the meats she ordered from the chicken rice, Pork Porridge. I just took a sip of the soup and it does taste pleasant good, not the awesome good type but for me is a pass because the soup looks clear, not so oily and it doesn't have the strong smell of pork which I really don't like. There is a pleasant aroma, it is light and for me is enough but maybe for other this might be a bit disappointing because the flavor and aroma is not strong. The rest I have no comment because I did not taste it.
Boyf Mee Goreng, my side, I have no comment because I did not have a taste of it. Boyf comment is, it does taste good, overall the ratio of the ingredients and skills of cooking is good except the energy from the wok which we Chinese refer it ro 'wok hei'. Since then he did come back and often this once in awhile so, I speculate is a pass since he is once super picky eater.
Mine Hokkien Mee Mix With Loh Mee Gravy, not many like this mixture but I personally like this, maybe because of the texture of the soup after mix well and the flavors however, some may find it taste odd. Because hokkien mee soup basically is sweet and spicy and the soup is watery while loh mee gravy is starchy sweet but after well mix it, for me it really taste nice, I don't know how to explain but I find it really nice, for those who never try it, it is worth the try. Hmmm...the soup aroma is light so does the taste and it does not taste spicy as well although I even asked for more chili paste but it does not taste so. Overall, it is editable and it does taste not bad if you are not a picky eater.
One of my favorite, it is not my house culture to like this meal but because of my late Goddad introduced me to this when I was still in my adolescence year, since then I find it very nice and kind off addicted to it but this meal is hard to find and seldom people sell it, I don't know why, maybe because it is not famous in Penang. This is called Koay Chiap. In this meal, it consists of braised duck meats, shredded chicken meat, some internal organs like pig intestines, hard boiled egg, herbs and cut noodles. Everything will be in one bowl then mix all together, ready to serve your hungry tummy. Some may not like it because of the scent but this stall it does not have the strong scent that will make you nausea so to me is good thing. Although this stall koay chiap is not awesome because the flavors is not strong and thicken and the fragrant of aroma from the soup also light but it does fix my craving at times, it is worth the try.

Although this post does not really post awesome foods but there is still many other stalls selling good foods that worth the try so, do drop by there and explore the foods and try all the foods at there.

And their address is...
No. 1, Rangoon Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang

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