Restaurant Pangkalama @ Melacca

When we were in Malacca, we have no idea where to have our supper because we're not familiar with it and usually many only suggested or write about morning breakfast or lunch and dinner but not supper, after long walked at the Jonker Night Market we were a bit hungry and asked SJ where can we have light supper before we head home for rest. After some discussion between L and SJ, they decided to bring us here to have our supper and this is my first time here and the place they brought us is a bit unfamiliar with me but it is a exploration for me to find new food and I'm really thankful for them being our tour guide.

Wai's ordered Dried Koay Teaw and shared with other but I did took a spoonful of it and it actually taste quite good but is a bit oily for me, maybe because of the deep fried pork lard since they put quit a lot in it to make it taste good. The koay teaw was soft and transparent, the soy sauce was in good ratio - not too sweet nor salty and they put a lot of fishballs in it whether in ball shape or in slice and also char siew and pickle chili.
Me and Boyf ordered and shared Koay Teaw Soup because I want something hot and warm down to my tummy to feel warm so later night I can have a good night sleep. The broth was nice the flavor was thick, strong and fragrant from the long hours boil to come out with this taste and flavors. For soup it is not that oily compared to dried one and the soup is so clear. Like I said that give a lot of fishballs and char siew but I don't eat any of the fishballs and gave all to Boyf to eat except char siew. It's nice to eat together with char siew or shredded meats when it comes to koay teaw soup because both the noodles and meats goes well together with the textures, that is me, I prefer to eat it like this. The char siew is not bad but they slice it thinly so it's easy to chew and it goes well to eat together with the koay teaw. For fishballs I'm really sorry because I really didn't take any single bite of it even a small tiny bite. This place is worth to try it out.

And their address is...

Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/9, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka

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