My Random Lame Paint Creation

Me being a bit bored so spending my time doing random things with computer paint since it's been so long I use it and just would like to revive the feeling of being young again for once. I used to like paint when I was young to draw anything and I find it very challenging and often ended with feeling frustrated because I couldn't draw well by just using computer mouse and clicking, most of the time I use hand draw and it's easier for my eyes and motor skills coordination but using computer is another thing. So I created all this random things and I used it as my computer wallpaper.

So what do you think of it? Lame isn't it? Don't laugh because some of it I'm quite impressed and like it. Though it is nothing awesome to brag about but one must be happy with their work although it does not impressed others. I do, that's I published it out. I usually like my arts and crafts work or even drawing because I feel ease when doing it although it takes me forever doing it because I only do it when I feel like doing it, if I don't I will not do it, that's why I like it. Maybe it's time for me to start back drawing beside doing some easy arts and craft because I'm missing it and seeing all this colors and shapes makes me happy and I can sit there in long hours just to randomly doing it so.

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