My One Piece Collection - Thousand Sunny

Many years ago, well not many just a few years back I received a very surprised present, a very big present from a courier service company and once I opened the box there is a card stated there from stranger. Hahahaha...surprisingly, I'm not someone who have the pretty looks neither intelligence nor wealthy enough to for someone to admire me but the writing definitely not someone I know writing. Curious me open up the wrapping...
And...Ah-Ha! It is my one of the favorite manga object? It is One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy precious sail ship after Going Merry - Thousand Sunny, build by their nakama Franky the Cyborg. Seeing this I definitely, 100% confirmed who is the admirer/stranger is, it is my most beloved lovable Boyf. Who else know I like One Piece that much? I've been collecting their comics since late 2001 until now though I know we can now read it through online, I'm reading from online but I'm collecting it as well. Receiving this really makes me happy because I've been wanting to have some of their collection but seeing all this pieces makes me having cold sweats and worry. Why? Because I don't know how to build them.
The Box design, the top and the sides designs also the ship features. Now thinking it back then, pretentious to be stranger sound very romantic to me but now it kind of sound funny great lovable memories from him who tried so hard to be romantic. Anyhow, he tried his best and I really appreciate it very much. How can I not love him? He's such a lovable human panda to me.
This lovable human panda of mine of course will and definitely build the ship for me. At first, he had so much headache on how to build them and the instructions paper were all written in Japanese words which he couldn't read or understand. But he tried his best to build the ship for me, by guessing most of the time by just looking at the pictures shown in the paper. He took almost a week with spending most of his free time to do it and above is the progress of him building my ship model. He look very nerd hor back then? XD
And Taaa-Daaaaaaaaa!!! After all of his hard-worked and concentration also countless times of trail and re-try it is finally DONE!!! The front and the side-side view. Boyf said we actually can send it for painting which will will the color looks nicer compare to just stick with prepared stickers, and I agreed with that after we google it out and find few shops that offer the paint and we also find those that helps others to paint their collection but the price is very @.@ expensive, extremely expensive and some they will also implant mini grass on the ship dock. I really like the idea and I've see the results but we don't have the budget back then so we dropped the intention and just stick it with its original stickers and decided to paint it in the future. 
The Side View
The Front View

The Back View
The Overall View (Well. I tried to captured the overall view at my best)

Unfortunately, currently the display isn't that pretty anymore...

Why??? Hmmm...good question.

1. MummyQ was cleaning my room and accidentally knocked down the stand few times which causes the flags pole got broken.

2. While I was cleaning it, I accidentally the pirates flags pole.

3. Boyf accidentally broke the ship dock mini tree while he tried to helped me with fixing with the broken pieces.

4. Dust invasion into my lovely ship grrrrrr!!!

5. The currently place I put the lovely ship now is not presentable and is not a nice place to display it though I can see it everyday.

I very regret that we build this ship because I didn't think further that my house doesn't have any display furniture that allow me to keep it safe and clean. I should have waited. No matter how long I should have wait so it won't be in its current state now T.T

But we both also decided that once we have our own house, we're going to fix it and also build up others of One Piece collections that we had bought. I hope this dream and wish of mine will come true some day.

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