My One Piece Collection - Roronoa Zoro - Into The New World

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~! Another collection of mine of One Piece, this time the the character figurines itself and it is a character I like the most. He is Roronoa Zoro. Again of course is a surprised present from Boyf for my birthday again, see how lovable he is? How can I not love him? A better half of mine that knowing me better than myself. A man that cherish me more than myself, a man that love me being a lil different than what other ladies like, being weird and accept me being coward, fear at times when I need to be. He let me know that I can rely on him and being safe when I'm with him. Being silly funny with me when nobody does. Noticed me when nobody does. 

I like this character because he is a man that show his flaw without being embarrassed about it, overcome his past pain then become a wiser and stronger man to achieve his goal. He is thoughtless at times but he is someone that everyone can rely on as a strong fighter to back his captain and his nakama. He is confused and blur most of the times but when he fight his enemies he is at his most sharp, alert and focus moment. He is like what human does all the times, when he needed help the most, he will reject it and said he will handle by his own just to save his pride and ego. He is a very competitive man that always fight with his nakama just to show off, he is a sleepyhead and love his weapons like it is part of him. A man that kept his promise for his dearest friend and captain. He is closed to my ideal man, the many flaw that makes him perfect, that many invincible and visible scars that makes him a man. Boyf know I especially like him in the manga despite there is so many other characters that is better than him, more cooler than him and handsome than him but to me he is the perfect. Somehow quarter of his qualities Boyf have it? Hahahaha...
Aren't he is so handsome? So fierce and focus. Such bad boy looks.
The confidence looks of him.
Since I had collected him as my very first figurines  then I'm happy and hope to collect more of him and other's ship crew members, yes he has to be the first in my collection before others. Hope one day I'll be able to complete them as a whole The Straw Hat Pirates.

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