My Beloved Convent Light Street Canteen Food - Economy Rice

I've spend a good 13 years in this school since kindergarten years until I finished my high school.  I admit that I have a deep feeling and fond with this school, all the good and bad memories, this school is one of the root I grow up up with, the root that make me live, have friends that I dear for, equip me with knowledge and historical building that I grow up with, does that mean I'm indirectly part of the history? I hope so.

Although we have primary (junior grade) canteen and we shouldn't go to secondary (senior grade) canteen just because there is boundaries we shouldn't cross the line but I often sneaked to senior grade canteen after school to buy their foods because they have more selection. When I'm at my senior grade, my weight went up really fast because of the canteen great food, I just can't have enough from it and even bought back home sometimes for late lunch and dinner.

Of course I didn't get to take many photos of my school awesome foods because during my time, the technology wasn't that advance yet and we have very strict rules needed to be follow. Above photo were taken when I revisited my school for some matters and coincidentally some of the stalls still available and I just drop by to buy their Economy Rice, because by the time I went there is almost time they finish operating their business and nothing much left over so I just packed my rice with whatever dishes being left over. I took some deep-fried nuggets, deep-fried won tan (dumpling), chicken fillets and some sambal gravy. Although it is a very simple dish but for me I basically-partially grew up with this simple food so, to me this food is very memorable and nice to eat. The taste actually is pretty nice, the chicken fillet is tender although it may look dry and very less coating but it is flavorful, deep fried won tan is a bit sad but still is one of my favorite because its crispiness and non oily, best snacks for me, the sad part is because the meats is really little but because of that it makes the best snacks, just like Korean flat dumpling. While for nuggets, is just normal nuggets we can get it from frozen store so nothing much to comment about it and the sambal gravy is very flavorful, not really spicy but able to taste the spiciness and thee color looks good too.

Talking about that makes me really miss my school and the foods especially my favorite spot where I often sit at there to ease my fatigue after school hour, when I'm at there I'm at my most peace of mind. I wish I never grow up.

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