Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Ipoh

We definitely kind of like to go Ipoh, Perak to have some foods and at the same time meet up with our good friends who is at their hometown. We definitely have the best tour guide for food hunting at the reasonable price and create great memories from it.

Chi brought us to Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum instead of Foh San Dim Sum House, at first I did asked why since we're there and many tourist's often go there, tourist hot spot but Chi said Foh San is a bit overrated and Ming Court is just opposite Foh San and the price is slightly a bit cheaper since it is not a tourist spot. Ming court is a very humble place with lil hiding appearance, I think not many will notice it unless they're Ipoh people or a frequent traveler at there. Indeed it has a very humble environment, going there is like going back to 80's with the surrounding and decorations. It is a very warm happening restaurant, their servicing was fast and friendly and loud too.

I would like to sincerely apologize for having such few photo despite we are having feast and eat a lots of dim sum, the reason why is because our mouth are way faster than my camera click, we are so hungry that morning and whatever served on out table, in a lighting speed we finished it all in no time. The only photo I able to take was above picture where we are already half filled our stomach, half filled yes and more to go. Everything was so so good and fresh, for friend foods such as Deep Fried Shrimp - it is so crispy, non-oily, very fragrant and the prawn is so fresh that it tastes sweet and juicy. Har Kao was not bad, the juices burst once you bite the wrap but the skin is a bit thick for me. As for Steam Fishball, I've never a fans of fishball due to my digestion and gastric problem but their fishball definitely got me munch on them without worry, why? Because their fishball is so soft, bouncy, fluffy, juicy and do not have strong fishy smell which really suit my taste.
Then as for dessert, we ordered Black Sesame Soup because it is Jing favorite and Chi would like to have some too at that time. While me? I've never actually try this before so I just ordered a bowl and shared with Boyf for fear that I might not like it and will not finish it later, well just give it a try and it's good for health also skin. The sesame aroma was strong, the texture was thick and silky smooth, doesn't taste bitter nor too sweet either, it is very nice to have this especially early in the morning in cold weather but I don't think this is my favorite dessert although it tasted really nice because I'm not a fans of sesame but it definitely once in awhile will make you craving for it.

If I were to go to Ipoh again and able to wake up really early in the morning, I will definitely go there to have my early breakfast. Ya, you need to be early because of the crowd and limited seats for you and sometimes you might even need to share table with others, I hope you don't mind because I don't mind as long as the foods is nice.

And their address is...
36, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

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