Mentors Fruity Fresh 3D Secret

Boyf bought this Mentos Fruity Fresh 3D Secret Chewing Gum, wow a very long name for a gum, for me just for fun because it is something new and it's fun to try something odd like 3D secret chewing gum. So far I've only only 3D visual arts but when it comes to food I seriously don't know and I'm eager to try it out. Although I'm scared just because of the 3D word but since it is a product from mentos so I'm a lil bit feel at ease LOL. I tasted it and I really don't know how to describe it as like the name said 3D, it does taste like 3D and it turned me upside down, the taste really confused me. Yes, it is an amazing chewing gum that give your so much flavors that it can turned your brain confused of the flavors. I just can't figures it out, it doesn't taste really sweet nor sour, it is just something, but I don't know how to describe it. Try to eat some and I think you'll understand me.

Say me old-school but I prefer the normal chewing gum, one strips of chewing only consists only one flavors and I get to taste the flavor one at a time. That's call enjoy but this chewing gum is not, oh it's too confusing but not bad to tried it out, it is a new discovery of flavors for me.

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