Mama Nasi Campur @ Anjung Selera Sungai Pinang

Another hot spot to have nasi melayu is definitely this Mama Nasi Campur, it will not disappoint you I can promise you that. It is affordable and the portion is big. During lunch time this place will be so crowded with the customers from various race, religion, age and gender, it is a very happening place. I've been eating their nasi campur for years and has been their loyal customer, not only me but Boyf as well and mak cik recognize us also call us a very cute nickname.

So you ca see from above picture, they offer varieties of dishes for you to choose and each dishes price vary from others as well as their taste. They offer from vegetables to seafood to meats to fruits to dairy as well.
More closure of the dishes, pretty isn't it? They're good in displaying their dishes which may lead you to crave more foods and open up your appetite.
Another photo of another side of their dishes. Varieties choices you have right? I will be lying if I said that I never had headache when it comes to choosing my own dish.
But I think I had my own favorite and I always choose them whenever I see they're still available. I always asked for take-out instead of dine at there because I house just nearby and it is just a walking distance.

I always go for small portion of rice, it is because if you don't they will give you a very big portion of rice, if you asked for small then they will lessen it a bit for you so, for heavy eater like me that's enough. Their rice is always steamy hot, moist, fluffy, and freshly cook smell from the rice. Usually I'll go for their Sambal Telur, whether it is fried or hard boiled egg, it's fine for me. I like it because it is a very simple dish filled with sweetness from the spices, very aromatic smell and very flavorful. Not so spicy but is enough to taste a lil spiciness from it.

Second dish that I'll go after is their Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken, it's been my favorite since at young age, not only from this stall, wherever I go for nasi melayu or nasi kandar I'll order this, I think it is my old habit that hard to change even now I'm already reach my adulthood but my heart and feeling will never change. I like it because it taste very flavorful, sweetness from the spices, spiciness, aromatic with slightly a bit of saltiness which really open up your appetite and taste bud. And this dish, the chicken usually very well absorb with the spices and very well marinated before the cooking start so it definitely my favorite. However, thanks to Boyf recently I have been their Fried Chicken fans, especially when it is freshly just come out from the wok. Many who is their regular customers know very well the time when they will cook it and these customers including me will be queuing up for that. That chicken definitely is a must to try, It is crispy, well marinated, tenderness of the chicken meats, very fragrant from the spices. The skin definitely will become your addiction.

Another dish is their Spicy Fried Anchovies. Many like Sambal Ikan Bilis which is spicy anchovies but I think their spicy fried anchovies worth the try as well but only for those who like spicy. Though it does not comes with gravy or sauce, it is just a very dried deep fried with anchovies then cook it again with chili padi and is a bit dry to just eat with rice but don't worry because I think at the end many will put a lot of curry in it so it will go well. This anchovies is very crispy, it has the taste of saltiness and it also has the taste of spiciness, I mean real spicy which will trigger your taste bud as well. It is a taste that I like.

And their address is...

Jalan Sungai Pinang, 10105 Georgetown, Penang. (Just station in front of AAM (Automobile) shop)

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