Lang Sae Lee Thai Food Restaurant @ Tan Jetty

Mei's and her family visited this place and took photos posted it in Facebook and the place attracted me and so I asked her where is the location and how's the foods rating, she said not bad. So one day I decided to go with Godmum and Godbro together with Boyf and MummyQ. It took us sometimes to find the location and parking because there is no sign or so and we decided to go find it since the restaurant is inside the Tan jetty. Luckily, we found it and that time it's still early so there not many people and it's open for business.

When we go for Thai restaurant, we definitely will  order Belacan Fried Rice, it is like a norm for us, it is must for us else we will feeling like missing something. Like many others belacan fried rice their serving is also almost the same, the belacan fried rice will be served together with omelette strips, stir-fried black soy sauce pork, shallots, fried shrimps, strips of sour mango and spicy chili padi. To eat this, all you need to do is mix them all up, mix well and it's ready to eat. It tasted not bad actually, sweet and tangy with a lil bit of spicy from the chili padi but the flavor and fragrant is not strong enough in my opinion. The rice is fluffy and was well fried but it is just not aromatic and not strong if belacan taste also it is not hot or warm.
Stir-fried Tou Mio which is one of our Asian vegetables and I like this vegetable so I ordered it although my Godmum and MummyQ against it because they have weak teeth to chew it, this vegetables is naturally a bit hard and it's slightly have the crunchiness. The vegetables was nice, quite flavorful and it tasted fresh with slightly a bit chewy but a lil salty, also usually this vegetables is not oily, so it's good.
Because not every restaurants' offer Clear Seafood Tom Yum or well known as White Tom Yum so we decided to ordered this try it out. It actually taste not bad because the lemongrass taste and fragrant is quite strong plus it is served very hot so it brings the flavors stronger, it also taste tangy and a lil bit of spicy. Since we ordered seafood so it come with varieties of seafood but I only eat fish meats and some peeled prawns that Boyf peel for me, it tasted quite fresh for me. However, when you mix the soup with your rice, you'll feel a bit weird because it doesn't have the orange red color of the normal tom yum do but still it goes well with your rice.
No matter how we will always back to the basic or maybe it became our norm that we will always order Belacan Fried Chicken if we cannot decide which chicken dishes to choose from the menu. When it was served on our table, we were all in awe because of the strong aroma smell of the belacan and the color looks so pretty. It is crispy, inside-out of the chicken meat and skin was well marinated with the belacan spices, the meat is tender, and it's not so oily as well but because most the pieces being served to us mostly bone so I find it quite hard to eat it and since it is in public area I cannot eat like monster glutton way. Anyway, worth the try.
Because we shared the belacan fried rice among the 5 of us so we still a bit empty inside out tummy, then we decided to ordered Pad Thai which is more like Thai fried Koay teaw but it taste sweet and the koay teaw is is more chewy and a bit thicker. Like I said it taste sweet, if you want a lil bit of spiciness then mix well with the chili flakes. Personally I don't really like it because it is oily, the noodles was torn in small pieces, I'm not used to eating koay teaw that taste sweet and it's so chewy that most of us forced ourselves to eat the left over.
Here is how the restaurant environment look like, there is an open air area and non open air area, end of the restaurant is the sea, so apparently you'll have sea view no matter where you sit. If you are lucky, you'll have very beautiful sea view when the sea is high tight else you'll see a very muddy sea view which is not so pretty and the sea smell is extremely very strong. Also at the end of the bridge, there is public toilet which the view may caused you to lose your appetite because what comes out from your bottom is straight to the sea and you may accidentally see the un-pretty scene but many will not got there, the percentage you will see the scene is only 5-10% because the restaurant have their own washrooms so does other houses at there.

And their address is...
97A Tan Jetty, 10300 Weld Quay, Georgetown, Penang.

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