Hung Fook Tong Healthy Drink's

That day I was so thirsty and it making my throat feel dry, pain and uncomfortable so, Boyf asked me to but some drinks at the Popular Bookstore located at the Gurney Plaza while he's on his best focus to play the Claw Machine games.

I went in and there is few selections for me to choose but I'm nor interested in drinking those so as I browsing through the display I saw this drinks and it really caught my attention, there is few more other flavors but I simply chose this because of my troublesome throat.

I bought Ginseng Chrysanthemum With Honey and the price is quite affordable, reasonable too. It's good to have this refreshing and re-plashing energy drinks, good for health drinks, and this drinks definitely will help to loosen up my dry and tight throat.

Once the open the bottle cap, the ginseng smell was so strong and Boyf immediately back-off because he never likes ginseng smell but I'm the opposite side, I totally love it! Ok, put that aside. The taste definitely does not disappoint me, it does not taste too sweet nor bitter either. It does have both chrysanthemum and ginseng scent but they honey scent is hard to detect but you could taste it when you drink it. Overall, I can say that the ginseng fragrant it quite strong and kind off over power the fragrant scent of chrysanthemum and honey. I think I found a very good drink for myself.

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