Happy Mid-Autumn Everyone

Happy Mid-Autumn Everyone~! It's been years since my last celebration for this auspicious day, my family did not celebrate this occasion because we don't have big family, my maternal grandma side do have big families but ever since she passed away, all of us already go separate ways whole for my paternal grandpa side we never celebrate it together because of some reasons. Me and MummyQ alone is a bit odd to celebrate because we both cannot eat mooncake too much so no points to buy it, we both everyday seeing each other and have meal together quite often so, celebrate it or not it is the same for us.

I only played lantern up to grade 3 which is like standard 3 then I never hold it anymore until I'm in my uni years where my friends wanted to celebrate it and would like to give our relationship have some good memories of it before we all graduate and be parted. To be honest, there is a lil child in me that I really fo feel happy celebrating it and holding the lantern again, it's fun and warm also it looks so pretty dangling around.

I remembered that day quite clearly, after class ended, me, Boyf, Chi, Jing, Lime, Lime's bf and Wai went to Tesco for some groceries shopping like buying some snacks and beers, since Lime provided lanterns and candles so we did not buy any but did buy a piece or two of mooncake to share among us. After everything is completed, we went back our own hostel for some rest, bath and dinner before we meet up for the small gathering and setting up the area.

As you can see from above picture, there is a hut in the pathway facing the gigantic beautiful lake and there is our small gathering is, beautiful and romantic isn't it? One by one slowly showed up, all came with couple's except for Jing and Sun. Then we started to set up the lanterns that Lime bought at the hut by hanging it then together we lit up the candles and wow it looks so pretty.
Then we gathered around for some small talks and snacks and beer. After that we decided to to play some simple games along the pathway like flicking bottles caps and so on then end the day with long walks with the lanterns. Simple but for me it is an unforgettable memories although it only for few hours. Maybe when I have my own house, I'll do this again, with some mooncake that might made by jelly and some few snacks then invited close family or friends to gather around or maybe just the three of us celebrating it - me, Boyf and MummyQ. I hope that day will come soon.

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