Golden BBQ Steamboat @ Nagore Road

Going through some old photos that I kept back then in my very old pendrive and I noticed these few pictures I kept in a folder about friends gathering and inside the folder I have a very old photos of me and my friends that we used to have our gathering at this bbq steamboat restaurant. Seeing this old photos reminds me of how long I've did not go there already and kinda miss it, both memories of laughter and the feeling of feeding each other.

Ok, let me start with brief introduction. This is the very first bbq steamboat I had and it is kind old style, with single gas stove placed with grilling pan with a small steel bowl on to of it to filled with soup for steamboat purposes while the bottom grilling pan will be wrap with aluminium foil for bbq and the aluminium foil can be replace once there is burned mark on it which is a good thing.

They offer varieties of foods from frozen to fresh to raw which you makes you have a lot of choices to choose. They also have varieties of popsicle for dessert and chocolate fruits fondue and some dessert-of-the-day. Too hungry to wait for your foods to be cooked? Don't worry they also have ready cooked foods to serve you such as dim sum, fried noodles, friend snacks and so on. So, you don't have to worry that you'll starve yourselves at there. Oh did I mention that they also have unlimited butter for grilling? Yes, they did. Unhealthy but definitely good.

Though they have many selections for poultry and meats as well as their frozen foods but their seafood and vegetables rather limited for me but they offer rather wide selection for noodles. That don't bother me because as long as I have my refillable vegetables wrap for my meats then it's good plus usually I only go for poultry and meats and have a lots of them. There I will also hunt for their popsicle and tried all I can before I called it a day and they have my favorite popsicle which is sweet and sour plum popsicle and I usually can't have enough of it.

It's been year long since my last visit and recently I passed that place and it is no longer at there anymore, how sad...

Do I miss this place? be honest not really except missing the old times. Why? Because the price they charge is quite expensive with the food and beverage quality, environment and service which make me have the second thought of going there when there is other place that can offer me better than that right? That's business nature, when there is competitor you have to improvise and be better than them else there goes your business. In business world there is no time to be arrogant and keep your pride high up because anytime anyone can take over you, well it apply to anyone even if you are just an employee but in business you have to look after your employees' welfare that's the different.

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