Glutinous Rice Cut - Muah/Muar Chee @ Lintang Slim

My grand place may not be famous for anything and may not have famous foods around that many people will recognized but as for me who partially being groom and grow up from that area I find there is few foods that I'm very fond with and find some of the foods taste really nice but just not famous or well-known by people only.

So, today I would like to introduce this Muah Chee - Glutinous Rice Ball as what people often refer it but for me I prefer refer it as Glutinous Rice Cut because the shape isn't really in round ball shape, moreover the glutinous rice paste is being cut into small pieces by pastries cutter.

I've tried many places muah chee but still I think nothing beat this old aunty muah chee, maybe because of her experience in making, this muah chee is absolute yummy! The picture may not look convincing and that picture was taken when I'm still using my very old phone camera, I've already tried my best to make the picture look more appealing and that's the best I can do.

This aunty muah chee, the glutinous rice cut is so very smooth and moist, super soft although there is some oil used during mixing the ingredients but there is no trace of oil in it so, I assume the amount of oil the aunty use is at the correct ratio, however, when you see the glutinous rice being scoop up from the barrel, you'll be able to see the glutinous rice looks sparkling shining. Okie dokie, let's continue with the other ingredients. The crushed peanuts is definitely nice, it is not really powdery and there is still rough chunks of the peanuts so you'll can taste both texture of the peanuts which I personally prefer this way of serving, it is very aromatic, the stir-fried peanuts then later being pound freshly the taste is really different. Plus it doesn't taste too sweet
and the sugar that the aunty use is superr fine sugar so it blend/mix well with the peanuts.

It has been awhile since I last had it and MummyQ informed me that the aunty did not operate her business that often anymore due to her very old age and now she just operate her business like once or twice in a week only. But before she completely retire from this small business I really would like to have it once again.

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