Delifrance @ Queensbay Mall

Everyone was talking about trying their chicken pie because it is the best so do I that I wanted to try it out but I only go when the crowd has been lessen after some time because when too many flocks goes at once the quality of foods may drop so I went a lil later than its opening however, I guess I'm still a lil early back then because I still unable to grab one for myself to try, so I ordered Tuna D'licious BCT Sandwich to try since I'm already at there and I'm so hungry to look elsewhere to eat. I can say that, it is good! Although it look really simply just that simple but it is good and fulfilling. Just a quarter of delifrance banquette, lettuce, tomatoes and a lot a lot of tuna mayo in it. I think the bread and the tuna play a very big role here because the bread was soft in the inside and a lil crispy like at the outside, the bread also have this pleasant scent of smell of fresh baked. Another is the tuna mayo is chill, well mix with the mayo, it doesn't have strong fishy smell, and smooth. Worth the try though.
Mushrooms Soup is a must for me to try because I saw one lady ordered it and it looks the mushrooms soup that I like and it looks delicious with so much chopped mushrooms in it plus it's good to have soup while eating dry foods such as bread or biscuits as it helps to moister the dryness and it's easier for digestion too. The mushrooms soup was nice but not hot enough for me, I prefer it is served hot rather than just warm? That's my personal preference, no harm but I like it that way. Fragrant a bit light but the taste wasn't, it taste creamy, smooth with a lots of varieties chopped mushrooms which make the soup naturally sweet. However, the portion is a lil small for me. The garlic slice was nice, very buttery and garlicky also very crispy and very aromatic but the smell and taste is a lil bit too much to go with the soup.
Bot f ordered Creamy Chicken And Mushrooms Baked Cheese Rice, I only took a tiny bite of it so I really couldn't remember very well how it taste like but he likes it very much and he finished the whole bowl in no time. From the way I see it, they're very generous is giving cheese and cubes of chicken meats and the presentation also look not bad.
As for dessert, we ordered Oreo Cheese Cake, last piece and it is cake-of-the-day which also comes with beverage as a set. The presentation doesn't look too good but I really would like to try it out, the presentation and the cutting of the slice of cake is a bit rough. It tastes nice though despite the presentation but a bit dry as you can see from the picture surface, maybe the cake it already few days ago? Or there is a possibility that the presentation fridge is too cold that it dried up the cake moister. The oreo is a lil bit too soggy but the taste of the cake is still good, though it slightly dried up but still it melts in your mouth and it still tastes nice with it creamy oreo scent.
For our drinks, we ordered Ice Peach Tea and Mango Juice. As for this drinks I will comment much because they just just cordial drinks to make it and it taste the same like any other restaurant's offer but I can just can say that their mixture ratio is perfectly good.
Hot Cappucino that comes together with the slice of cake like I had mentioned at above oreo cheesecake part. Hmmmm...I can say that it actually taste not bad but of course not as good as Starbucks or Coffee Beans or so however, it is acceptable. Fluffy foam of milk, the scent of coffee beans, smooth but the aromatic scent of coffee is kind of light and the milk tasted light too. Those who cannot take too much caffeine or have acidic gastric problems I think this deifrance able to offer a cup of coffee that you can enjoy without much worries.

And their address is...

1F-106, 107 & K1, 1F-78, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

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