Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy

Does anyone know that that Baskin Robbins have their own candies product beside the tons of ice creams? I don't know and years back while doing some groceries shopping with MummyQ only found out and I'm shocked because there is no news or anything about it whether advertisements or marketing. Of course I'm excited and decided to buy one to try it out, so I picked my favorite. MummyQ don't allow me to have too much candies and I only can buy one packet but I really hope I can try all of the for flavors I found.

From above picture clock-wise:
Fruit Medley
Cookies 'N' Cream
Pralines 'N' Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
I bought Mint Chocolate Chip because I like mint, I like everything that have mint in it because it taste minty, cooling, refreshing and very fragrant. I can say that this is good, really nice to eat because it is not really sweet and it taste really nice it's like eating their ice cream, just that it is hard and not cold. If I ever saw it again I will definitely buy it again. I found this years back at Gama Department Store but recently I couldn't find it after I recall this candies by looking through the past photos.

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