Jonker Street Night Market @ Melacca

When for a short trips back then with the cunning gang + a triple dates among some of the gang. Basically two of our your guides which is also our uni friends be our tour guide of the short trip and thank you very much SJ for your hospitality. This trip most of the time is go for food hunting and some heritage walk so nothing much I can write about but I took some foods photo that caught my attention.

First is this Spicy Spiral Potato Chips recommended by SJ. We only bought 2 sticks and shared among 10 of us. Just thinking of it make me feel like having it once again especially when you need to boost up some of your energy. As you can see from the above picture, the size of  chips and the amount of portion given is consider quite big. It is crispy and very flavorful with the spices covered the potatoes also have its spiciness but not too spicy. However, the chips is slightly a bit thick but that's ok with me, the only one thing that I'm not ok is, it is very oily!!! They should have dry it with tissue towel or drain it first but I also can understand why they unable to do so because the crowd is too many and they need hurriedly make it done because the queue is quite long.
This drinks definitely recommended by me or maybe it is just me who find this bottles of drinks taste good or may be there is possibility that it taste good to me after the long humid walk around the night market. It is a very refreshing drinks and definitely worth the try. It is the 60's Fruit Tea stall.  I like the taste of the drinks, it is sweet, very pleasant scent from the tea and the fruits, it tastes very tangy and the scent literally can clear your bad breathe after having chicken rice. They also sell in carton and you can choose your favorite. Writing this makes me want to drink some now especially the passion and guava flavors.
I think many like this especially kids even me and Boyf like it very much and I think it is one of those childhood candy we have as well. It is called Fruit Candy Stick while in Cantonese it is called Peng Thong Wu Lou and Chinese called Tang Huo Lu, if you watch Chinese or Hong Kong historical dramas sometimes they will show this candy as well at the commoners marketplace. Basically it is just fruits covered with rock sugar and when when the rock sugar is harden then it is ready to be eaten. This stall sell two types pen thong wu lou, - One, is with various fruits in one stick and another is a stick with just single type of fruit. Boyf and I just bought one with various fruits and shared. It is crispy, sweet, have this fruity scent and when you bite it, the juices from the fruits burst out with its natural sweet if you continue to chew, you'll be able to to taste the crispiness and sweetness from the rock sugar.
This is Gula Ketuk, I think in English term is called Candy Stones while I as I remember I was told since young by the elders that usually in hokkien it is called Kok-Kok Th'ng because of its sound while making it into candies. It is a caramelized candy make in bulk like in a big pan like you can see from above picture and sprinkle with sesame. They will only make the candy for you once you placed your order, as you can see from above picture there is tools placed in the pan like a nail and hammer. They will knock/hammer the candy bulk and break it into small pieces and there you go, you can already have a taste of it. It tasted sweet with sesame fragrant and it is a very hard candy, never chew it just slowly suck it to enjoy, that's the purpose of this candy, slow down and enjoy the sweetness and aroma.

And their address is...

Jalan Hang Jebat

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