Homecooked Fried Eggs With Tomatoes Gravy

Ok. MummyQ know me quite well, I love simple meal when it comes to food. I'm not that type of person that fuss about what to eat or so, what you serve on the table I'll eat as long as not the foods I'm allergies from. Serve me fried egg with soy sauce and white rice, I'm good to go. So MummyQ being a mother of course she will cook a Lil better than that for her daughter. Above dish served me two meals in a day.

Ingredients you'll need is...
4 Eggs
Minced Pork (Leftovers) - Optional
Garlics (Finely Chopped)
Shallots (Finely Chopped)
Salt and Pepper
Tomato Ketchup
Cooking Oils

How to...

1. In the pan heat your cooking oil then crack the eggs to cook. Make sure the eggs is not burn or still runny.

2. While cooking frying the eggs, mix some salt and pepper into your minced pork for seasoning. Mix well and put it aside.

3. Remove your fully cooked eggs and place it on a plate with kitchen tissue on to absord the extra oil. 

4. Add a Lil bit more oil into the pan, while waiting for the oils hot, shape the minced pork into mini meatballs. Fry it until golden brown, removed from the pan and dry the oil with kitchen tissue

5. Remove the excess oil, just left about a spoonful of oil in the pan. Fry the the garlic and shallot until the aroma comes out.

6. Pour in tomato ketchup and stir. Add in about half cup of water, sprinkle salt, pepper and sugar for seasoning, mix and stir the sauce well.

7. Add in the fried eggs and meatballs into the sauce, cover the pan lit for about a minutes or two. Stir and cover it again for fee minutes.

8. Turn off the gas, pour the dish into a bowl and it is ready to be serve.

It is a dish where kids will like it too as it taste sweet and a Lil sour. Although it looks sloppy and unappealing and not appetizing but it really taste good. Those who are hungry late at night, this is a good supper to have. 

I hope you guys like it. Thank you.

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