Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim

Since young I've visited this food court countless of time due to my granny house is at that area though the foods and beverage is nothing to brag about and comment much but it is a place where I have some memory with. For this post many may not like it as I'm not writing about delicious foods but just an average food plus a place not many people know about except residents around there, so I would like to apologize in advance for writing this.

If you ever want to have something that is very economic in price and portion, this food court will definitely offer you that. Above is Chicken Rice (Three Taste) which consist of three different types of meats - Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork and Char Siew (Honey Roasted Pork). I ordered this for two person - me myself and MummyQ but the portion will definitely shocked you when they serve it on your table, though I ordered for two people portion but they served us with almost four people portion which me and MummyQ definitely unable to finish it and we shared it with Boyf. They also offer you cabbage soup, a very normal soup but of course it doesn't really taste that awesome, sometimes there is flavor but sometimes it taste as bland as plain water with cabbage scent. While for the meats, it is hard to chew and you definitely need a strong jaw to chew it, the flavor also not strong and not crispy (for roasted pork) plus the meats smell is a bit strong, I guess they're not expert in eliminate the smell. As for char siew sauce it is tooooooo sweet to my liking taste however, it taste slightly fine if mix with the soy sauce. As for their rice, it is a bit too big portion for me and the texture is too moist and sticky (too much water while cook it) but I'm fine with that.
Another food that is very economic is the western foods. Acceptable portion with affordable price. They offer varieties of selection here and the price not more than RM 13.00. For an example, I ordered Chicken Maryland and the price is only RM 7.50 although the presentation wasn't that nice and neat but I don't care as long as it is editable and I have fond memory have it. The layer of the chicken has been mashed until thin before it go to deep fried and because of that the chicken outer later is crispy while the inner layer is easily to bite and chew though losing most the moist therefore it is a bit dry for the meat.The bun wasn't rehear so it taste just fine but I think it will taste better if it is warm up, while the fries I prefer they sprinkle more salt in it because it taste a bit bland and oily but the fried banana is the best though the size is rather small, it always taste sweet and smooth and very fragrant. One more thing I like is their mayonnaise, they use ordinary mayo from the market store but they blend in their secret ingredients in it. It taste very refreshing, sweet and tangy which helps to open up my appetite.
Boyf ordered Hawaii Chicken nothing much compared to mine just that his meal was added with a slice of pineapple and barbecue sauce on top of the chicken. Boyf said this is the first time he had such economic western food and it is editable.
Boyf also tried out the food court Nasi Kandar but the nasi kandar is not as grand as normal nasi kandar restaurant, it is just a small stall station outside of the food court with just very selected dishes to choose from and of course I have it too but sometimes the taste might be vary from times to times which means their style of cooking is inconsistent, sometimes it taste good but some other times it taste not that good. However, their very kind and always give a lil more whether may it be the dishes or gravy. Above is mine share with Boyf because I had eaten before that. Boyf took spicy soy gravy chicken which is my all time favorite no matter which nasi kandar or malay food stall I go I'll order this, fried gravy anchovies and okra (ladies finger). The rice was warm and fluffy but not aromatic but it's fine as the mixed gravy able to cover it. I like it when the gravy is over flooded I think those who can eat spicy food and like nasi kandar will definitely agree with the way I eat this. Okra was good but still lacking in absorbing the curry aroma and what I like from there is the anchovies although there is some place that this dish taste better but I still like it, it is slightly still have its crispiness although the anchovies has been absorbing the gravy, I like this texture and it taste slightly spicy and sweet. Overall it is acceptable for its price and portion.

Actually there is a lot more pictures I want to show about the foods I had at there but I seems like misplace the photo somewhere and couldn't find it but I will definitely fine the photos and share it with you and there is a photo I must share with you because although the place doesn't have many nice food but definitely there is two stalls that the food is really awesome and I must definitely share it with you. I hope I can find it ASAP so I can share it with you.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang

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