Eden Restaurant @ Hutton Lane

It is minor celebration for me from Boyf and we decided to dine-in at quiet restaurant, coincidentally we saw and managed to find a parking near this restaurant. Since it has been awhile he went there and it has been ages long I had been there so we decided to dine at there.

I ordered Mango Juice for myself, whenever there is mango word appear in front of me, I'll never let it go. I'm quite disappointed with my drinks as the textures is very watery and too bubbly with foam as you can see from above picture but the taste is still goo though, not too sweet and it is very chill, also lots of ice cubes too, I love ice cubes!
Boyf ordered Honeydew Juice, not my favorite, honeydew never is on my top list of fruits but it does tasted not not bad as well, very aromatic and smell is refreshing but still I'm not fond with this fruit very well. Boyf like it very much however the taste was fast become light due to too much ice cubes in the glass that melts too fast.
Like usual I ordered Mushrooms Soup for myself. That's the basic soup that I will try out first before I try their another soup for the next visit. Of course, the soup is creamy and quite savory, it smell good too. Unfortunately, one thing that is missing that I really like is varieties chunks of mushrooms. The soup only have bites of mushrooms, which I personally don't really like it because I like mushrooms soup that comes with lots of mushrooms chunks, for me that is a complete mushrooms soup. 
Boyf ordered Manhattan Fresh Seafood Chowder which I only tried one small spoon, it is very savory and flavorful plus it is very shiny creamy smooth although the aroma is light when it was served on our table but definitely I will say this is better than mine mushroom soup. First, I personally admit that I'm scared to tried it out because it is my first attempt plus I never like soup that come with reddish orange color, never know why maybe it is my unconscious feeling toward it but this soup really open up my taste bud to another level.
The set meal comes with Dinner Roll and Salted Butter which is the time I always feel excited like child but their dinner roll bun is a bit disappointed because it is dry and a bit hard although it was reheat in the oven.
I just ordered Chicken Chop D' Orient as it has been so long I did not have it and yup back to the old days where I only knew how to order and have this only. They really serve quit old style chicken chop and I really like the way it was served to me. Vegetables salad on my left hand side and French fries on my right hand side, my gravy chicken placed on middle which make me mainly focus on it rather than the side dishes. The chicken was crispy on the outer layer and juicy moist in the meats plus it is soft and tender. The gravy or the sauce didn't taste too sweet or too thick in texture, but the vegetables was serve a bit warm like room temperature, I personally prefer it is serve cold. And they served old style criss cut fries which I don't really prefer, I like clean cut silky smooth fries better and the fries is a bit cold.
While Boyf ordered Black Pepper Steak for himself which I cannot have a taste of it because I'm allergy to it. However, I did tried out their mash potato, It is quite fragrant but it tasted a bit bland to my liking. Boyf just comment that the steak tasted not bad but the portion is a lil bit small for him.
Then we also ordered Adam & Eve as our dessert to end our dinner date. To be honest there is nothing much to comment about the dessert because it is a simple dessert where everyone can have it as well. it comes with three scoops of ice cream with different flavors then top with fruits cocktails, love letter and fresh cream. However, person like me who love dessert, whatever dessert is serve to me I' be very happy.

Another thing I would like to comment is though the environment is ambiance and it is nice to dine at there but at times their service crew is a bit loud and clumsy but friendly. Oh ya, another thing is I would like to sincerely apologize for posting such bad photos of the foods as my camera battery was out and I wasn't aware of it so I just use my lousy camera phone to took the pictures, I hope my reader's able to excuse me for mistake.

And their address is...
15, Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown, Penang

Kindly click here for more information regarding Eden restaurant. Thank you.

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