DIY T-Shirt To Scarfs

Many have their shirts put aside after it became too big or small to wear or it can be possibly it is out of fashion trend or it is torn or have the color faded. I too have many of these types of shirts occupied my wardrobe untouched. So I decided to make some good use of it.

Things that you will need is very simple to prepare...
An Old Shirts
And, a pair of your hands
Let's start with the first step...

1. Measure the shirts starting from the armpit then cut it vertically to another end. While for me, I didn't really measure it, I just lay the shirt on my table and start cutting accordingly.
2. According to your preference estimate the length that you going to cut horizontally. However, at the top part of the clothes left about 10-15cm uncut.
3. After cut it all into string like, then pull the clothes to the maximum where it help to put more length to the scarf.
4. Jang jang!!! It is done! Of course the model will be my fatty soft baby to portray my art and craft because I'm not cute and pretty as she is, she is better model than me and I bet people will like her more than me. Ok, back to the topic, that's how easy to diy this scarf from used shirts for better use isn't it? I hope this will help you too!

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