Couple Sandals with MummyQ from Fipper

Many couple's have their couple items to show their love and closeness but very few of them have couple items with their parents. Doesn't it?

Because most Asian well majority of them don't show or open up their love to their parents or vice versa publicly like how the westerners do by expressing their love through words and physical hug. Weird enough that is in our norm or cultural and everyone accept it.

I'm very childish person and I like couple stuffs a lot. Me and Boyf have many many couple items but I realize me and MummyQ have none because we are Asian, our height and weight totally different, our taste is also different which make things even hard to pair us up.

One day her house wear sandals has spoilt and asked me to bought sandals for her from Fipper as she sees I like the sandals a lot and she even tried it once and said is nice to wear plus it is very colorful. So, I agreed to buy her one since it is affordable too. I purposely chose the same colors as mine for her as well because that's the only way we can be pair up though we both wear for different purpose but well at least we have an item together.

Seeing the picture above really makes me LOL so hard. Literally my foot size is double bigger compared to MummyQ. She have toddler or young children foot size which caused her having difficulty to find shoes according to her age. Luckily Fipper have her size. Thank you Fipper!!!

Actually this post is a dedication for MummyQ for Mother's Day and her birthday but because something really really bad happen to me so I wasn't able to celebrate the occasion with her and I took this picture secretly and blog it out.

Anyway and anyhow I'm happy and grateful to have her as my mother despite our huge gap and I definitely will not trade anything in this world with her. She's the Best Mother to me.

P.s: I Love You

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