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Introducing you my soft fatty girl, SiaSia, she was a gift from my close friends for my graduation and it has been a bliss for both me and BoyF because of her softness, she will have funny "body language" whenever we try to shape her to do some move or action.
So here it is, I put her on the bed once I tidied up my bed and coincidentally she have this cute expression of how every girls/ladies/women wish when they wake up looking like her. Really look so charming and cute like a model. She's a model, a fat model that looks so cute. I hope every morning when I wake up look like her not a monster with bushy messy tangle hairs crawl out from bed. Don't you think so? Argh! suddenly miss hugging her while typing for this post. A post I secretly write through my smartphone during working hours, hahah! Take that! I'm that rebellious. But help to keep it as a secret. Sshhhh~ Thank you so much!!!

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