DIY Amulets Mini Cover Bag

I bet everyone know that we Chinese have a few amulets in our bags or so for spiritual protection from God's, even though I'm free thinker I have few too on my own so do Boyf as family members gave it to us for good. I have a few and Boy have a few, we both only placed it in ref packets and as time pass by the red packet started to torn here and there so I decided to make a mini bag for both of us to keep it. All you will need is:
Sewing Needle
Sewing Needle Helper, and
1. Cut out 2 pieces of felt according to your amulets size or you can use used felt to reuse again so it won't be wasted, I used left over felt for this and the size is just enough to fit in my big cloths amulet.

2. With Sewing Needle Helper, put in the heat and tied and end note with it. Trice to prevent it from loosen.

3. Sew all the edges and left one of it open so you can put in the amulets

4. Fold your amulets and put in into the mini bag
5. Sew all together or you can actually not sew all of it instead slice a line in the felt and sew a button as another side and button it up. While for me I do it both way. 

*Above picture is I sew all of it and the button is just an accessories.
Another one is for Boyf, his is button up amulets bag which his can unbutton it and reveal his amulets while mine is complete sealed. Hmmmm...what do think of this idea? I think it is good instead keep changing red packets every months or so and not every supermarkets or call sell this types of amulets bag, so we can make one since it is easy.

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