2NE1 World Tour [All Or Nothing] AON Concert Malaysia

Okie Dokie, let me summarize few things here, to shorten and makes this easier to understand.

1. My first time ever attended a concert.

2. My first time ever bought such expensive tickets.

3. My first time ever attended a K-Pop concert.

4. My first time ever seeing the idols so close.

5. My first time ever owned an original CD and it burn Boyf pockets.

6. My first time ever attended an International concert.

7. My first time ever I scream and shout out so loud that my lungs going to explode.

8. My first time ever attended a concert with Boyf.
So here it is the live performance started with Crush song as their opening song for their concert and here is where the heat and rock performance going to make their fans scream their lungs out then later turn their voice become so hoarse the next day.

Winner as their guess appearance and wow although they still did not officially debut yet but their performance is wow, seriously did not expect that come from them.
Even Boyf who didn't know them and expect less from them even he thought the performance won't be that awe also wow with them and get excited, he even felt so wrong to judge them so early ahahahhaha~. Oh! He even said they are cute and handsome hohoohohhoho~.
Here comes the main, Come Back Home song...it was so awesome pawesome!!! Mei's even had her jaw drop. She said she had attended quite a numbers of concerts but never ever she's so amazed by their performance, she said they are so rock! And they really conquer the stage as if the stage only belong to them.

CL solo, The Baddest Female and Menboong/Mental Breakdown.
Boyf was complaining why don't have Park Bom and Dara solo, well he like Park Bom and Dara. 

And can you imagined that the motorbike is actually a human in disguised of the vehicle? Both of us were so shocked and awe with it...Their preparation must be really tough and hard that I was thinking if it was me, it might already taken a toll on my health like seriously. I might be admitted to hospital die to exhaustion. 

It was an awesome performance from them and I definitely can claimed that the price I paid for the tickets totally worth it to the max! And seeing them so close with the VVIP seats is really awesome and being able to see them so close up is really an awesome experience and a memory that I will cherish dear to heart.

At the concert I got this 2NE1 cardboard handy fan, well this as given to all audiences or their fans which I really treasure it. I also bought a plastic handy fan which is in big in size as it was printed with 2NE1 AON theme with only less than RM10 at a stall for both of us to fan our self under the hot sun before we are allow to enter the stadium plus with the crowded fans, it is no kidding. So hot and suffocating but the fans heat is what I really admire. I also received Winner members photo in postcard size and a mini clothes banner from someone who distribute them to us.
The album Boyf bought for me and surprised me. I've been hesitate to buy it because the price is no jokes, I think the Boyf got frustrated with the way I behave so he bought it for me and lied to me that he need to go to washroom. Hahahha I can understand why he got frustrate because every time I insisted to go to CD's gallery and I always look at their album and touches them then after few glances and touches I'll walked away with heavy steps. Ahhhh~~~! How can be this album is so beautiful?

The Instax inside the album. YG is the best!!! If I got the chance I really want to go to YG Entertainment agency and meet all the YG artists beside all the singers I also want to meet all the actors and actresses.
Lyrics Booklet

That's my experience and memory of 2NE1 in one shot and all I can say is I'm grateful to experience it during my most down moments. A moments that almost take my inner self a toll has turned into a moments of letting it go by attending their concert. Now I totally understand why people willing to pay for the high price. The memory and experience that I will cherish for a very long long time. Thank you 2NE1 and Boyf for letting me experience it and I'm really grateful for it deep in my heart. 

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