New York Pizza @ Sungai Dua

Once it was circulated wild on Facebook for its promotion and special burger, Boyf aunties also asked us give them a try since they know we love fast food very much. After long consideration and forth, we finally decided to came here to try it out before we change our mind.

So they have this promo set meal brochure distribute around the area and Facebook friends were sharing out as well. We ordered their promo set meal and it comes with drinks. I ordered Herbal Tea and Boyf ordered Ice Lemon Tea, both drinks was a total opposite taste to me. While mine shouldn't taste so sweet because it is a herbal tea but it tasted like I'm drinking sugary water instead while Boy ice lemon tea should taste sweet but it turn out taste so bland with light smell of ice lemon tea. Both of us just sat there, smile.
We also ordered Garlic Bread as our appetizer. It is crispy and not warm/hot enough, garlic aroma slightly light, not strong enough but it was well spread among the banquette slices. Overall not bad but I prefer more garlic and a lil bit sprinkle of salt before bake it? Then it will even taste better.
Here is the Homemade Charcoal Burger that everyone boosting and spread wildly through Facebook especially among the universities students around that area. How is it look like? Nice? Pretty? I think it is well presented and the color combination was nice too, simple and nice.
So here is the insight of how the burger looks like, typical like any other burgers but I decided to cut it half and snap a photo of it because the colors looks pretty. Overall I can say that it is acceptable but slightly overrated, maybe because of they are the front liners that introduced charcoal bun before more people used it or use it as burger bun.

It is quite juicy and the vegetables was quite fresh and crisp as well, however the meats taste a bit bland, maybe because they don't have enough time to marinate it? Due to sudden demand, perhaps? Everything looks fine to me and it will be even better if the charcoal bun is warm or hot and if it were spread with butter and grill unti a bit slightly burn? I like that, super like that, it makes the bun taste even more flavorful, and smell good. Ohya one more minus point is that the bun is too dry.
We also ordered their Hawaii Pizza, just in case we are not full with just a burger since we are heavy eater. Presentation was nice, very old style and I like when pizza is served this way, it make me feel like home. Hmmm...I'm disappointed for this dish pretty much. The based which I refer to the bread was not really soft enough or hot and warm, the pineapple chunks also does not taste really sweet thought other ingredients like shredded chicken is a lots so does the cheese. The flavor is not strong and aromatic as well but overall it is acceptable but not addictive only.

And their address is...
723Z-G, Vanda Business Park, Yellow House, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Sungai Dua, Penang.

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