Homecooked Fried Black Beans Mackerel

Okie dokie, basically this is MummyQ recipe which I personally really like it and I think some other housewives do the same too, I guess? Hahahaha...Once I was seriously sick and I got tired eating the same things all over again and again so as mother love she make me something simple that she herself modified it according to my and her preference.
Ingredients that all you need is:...
Brown Sugar
Lime/Lemon Juices
Can Food of Black Beans Mackerel (available at any supermarkets and various brands)

Utensils that you will need is...
Small pan
Spoon (To stir)
Gas Stove (XD)


1. Heat up the gas stove and the pan, then pour in the cans of black beans mackerel. Do not stir it and let it boil in low fire.

2. Squeeze a table spoon or two of lime/lemon juice and mix it together with the brown sugar until the the sugar is dissolve.

3. Pour in the mixture into the pan then lightly stir the ingredients until the taste are well balance and blend but be careful when you doing the stirring as to avoid the fish meats become chunk or demised from its original look..

4. Let it boil for few more seconds so the sugar can dissolve in the gravy. If not do not like it to be too oily then it is the best time to scoop it out as when you boil it the oils will group together.

5. Turn off the fire and pour it in to a boil or plate then it is ready to be serve!
Yup! That how it looks like though not so appetizing as it looks but the taste is really promising and worth the try if you are a person who like sweet and sour foods. It is just a very simple home cook dishes so we don't care much about the presentation as long as it taste it right? Good luck for trying it out.

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