Hidden Recipe Cafe @ Sungai Dua

Hmmm...We've actually can consider ourselves as a regular customer for this cafe, as the food and beverage have a lot of choices plus the environment is good, very ambiance. When I first introduced tot his restaurant is through one of my best friend years back. Besides their business targeting universities student's, many working adults and family dine at here as well, very family oriented style. The food they offer were all halal, affordable and they have varieties of food and beverage raging from oriental to western.

They also have set meal and ala carte for you to choose, me and Boyf most of the times go for set meal. So above is Mushrooms Soup, soup of the day. It's average and nothing so special, quite creamy and the textures quite thick and not too watery as well. Aroma wasn't that strong but was quite flavorful, I think it will taste even better with more varieties of mushrooms chunks as it will help up the taste even sweeter and flavorful.
I ordered Ice Peach Tea and Boyf ordered Ice Honey Milk which he personally requested them to make for him after asked for permission. Of course they helped to make one for him after Boyf explained to them that it is easy to make. Mine drinks is more like instant cordial drinks but they mixed it well so it doesn't taste too sweet and it is very chill, definitely good to have it during super hot day. While for Boyf drinks, it turned out to be not bad as well although it is their first time made it upon Boyf request, still have room to improve and it taste better than what I expect but I prefer it taste slightly a bit sweeter.
We also ordered French Fries as our appetizer or we called it light snacks before our heavy meal or main course? It is thick cut fries that comes with sprinkle of salt, as simple as that and I love fries. Good things is, it is serve super hot that means fresh from the frying pan, and it doesn't oily as well. It is just perfect for me, I like this type of food being serve in front of me.
Boyf like their Balacan Fried Rice but I never really tasted it, not that I never tried it before but I seems can't recall very well because Boyf never really let me try his meal especially this as Belacan Rice is his favorite that he often request for large portion. What I really can remember very well is the sambal was good and it does match well with the rice and side dishes, it is very flavorful and the aroma of the sambal and the belacan rice was well blend together.
And I ordered this, can be considered my all time favorite? As I often ordered this when I couldn't think of anything else to eat or too lazy to think and decide which and what to eat from the varieties choice of the menu they have. It is Hawaii Chicken Baked Cheese Rice with Oriental Gravy, like I've always say I like Hawaii chicken be it pizza or others. I can say I like this combination together with their oriental sauce it make the taste even more flavorful. They are very kind that they often give us the ingredients quite a lots like the chunks of chicken slices and pineapple, the pineapple wasn't that sweet but it is very juicy, the chicken was well cooked as well and it doesn't too oily but slightly a bit hard to bite still I'm ok with it since I have strong teeth still. The rice was aromatic and quite soft and fluff and a lots!!! The portion is really too big for me and I always can never able to finish it clean, another this is I love cheese and I would be more please and happy if they can give me more cheese? I know in Malaysia, cheese is not cheap but still I prefer they can give a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit more.

And their address is...
723V-G, Vanda Business Park, Jalan Sungai Dua Yellow House, 11700 Sungai Dua, Penang

723V-G Vanda Business Park (Yellow House)
Jalan Sungai Dua
11700 Gelugor, Penang

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