Four Leaves Cafe & Bakery @ Gama Supermarket

Okay, talk about Four Leaves I believe mostly Penang Islands well recognize it by the name right? Yup is the bakery shop located at Gama supermarket ground floor. I've always like their bread as it is freshly baked from the oven and fast sold out and they will bake for another batch. They have various types of bakery/pastries and I think it is my old habit that I only buy and eat those that I have memories or more fond to it, example like above picture, I'm just like a small kiddo that love kids foods in adult body, I fond with their Mini Sausage Bread the most, maybe I find it easy to eat, simple but nice and who don't love sausages?

As you can see from the above picture clearly, when I first bought it, it is still steamy hot, just our from the oven not long ago and they just packed it and put on counter, of course it is fast finish and I managed to grabbed on for my own. Surely enough that they may simple pack it and it looks a lot messy and all the bread was disorganized but I think most of their customers won't be bother by it.
Right after I bought it I went to their restaurant at another side of the supermarket for dinner and before my meal came I already decided to unwrapped and  munch on it, can't wait and the thought of late night supper plan didn't come true as we both finished it on the spot. As you can see the size of the bread is as big as my palm for a 5 feet tall person. Once you unwrapped the packet, immediately the fresh oven baked bun smell will spread around your nostrils and the sensory will asked you to eat it immediately. It is so warm, soft and the flour aromatic fragrant is no joke! It is so moist as well, I bet the pastry chef must be kneading the dough so well. And the sausage textures feel like it's been steamed rather baked in the oven, because it is so soft and a bit juicy in it. If it is stuff with chicken floss then it will be even more tasty. Don't you think so?
Boyf ordered Ice Coffee Float, Hmmm...I have no comment on this as I don't seems to have the memory that I take sip from it. But I think it should taste not bad as there is a scoop ice cream in it, should be taste sweet though

While I ordered, Hot Cappuccino. It tastes a bit bitter and and bland, the coffee aroma also not strong, it is light. The foam is a bit too loose and airy which made me felt like drinking bubble/air which I felt not comfortable and the textures of the foam doesn't go well with the coffee. But after adding two packets of sugars and stir around until the foam is slightly dissolve and slightly well blend with the coffee, it actually still can be consider acceptable rate at its minimum score.
Gong Po Rice with Fried Egg, Boyf ordered this. Not much comments from his side just that he did mentioned the rice is a bit hard and cold plus it is not spicy instead it tasted sweet, still he finished his whole plate.
We also ordered Mashed Potato as our appetizer but it came during after the main course was served. The portion is big, the taste not bad as well just acceptable, the textures is too thick so does the sauce, too creamy as well and it was serve not really hot too, so I'm a bit disappointed. But worth the try.
Spaghetti Hot and Spicy is what I ordered because I'm curious after saw it in their menu. But it turned out to be Gong Po Fried Spaghetti and I'm speechless. As what Boyf commented briefly on his meal, I don't think I need to comment more right?

All I can say here is their bakery and pastries is good but when it comes to food and beverage, they are lacking a lots in many ways but there is many ways they can improve as well, it just depend on the management on how they want to manage it. Their servicing crew were friendly but slow and forgetful sometimes. Well like I said, it depend on the management whether they would like to improve it or just solely rely on their bakery and pastries business.

And their address is...
Gama Supermarket & Department Store (Ground Floor), 10150 Georgetown, Penang

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