DIY Business Card Filing

Do you ever encounter that you have so many name cards yet you don't have any holder to put them in? Or maybe you are too lazy to buy the holder at the nearest bookstores or maybe it is too expensive for you to buy one of them? Well I'm not lazy nor I think it is expensive to buy one but just feel that it is unnecessarily to but it if I can reuse some materials to make a simple one, right?

Material is just really simple, all you will need is:
Two-Hole Puncture, and
A pair of hands

Okie, let's get started.

1. Choose three colors for the yarns and cut it according to your desire length. The longer it is, the more you can use.

2, Bind all the three colors yarn together and tied a dead end with it, then use books or heavy materials and place on top of the yarns so later it will not run when you start to braid it. While as for me, I used desk drawer to help me get hold of it.

3. Then, start braids it, you can braid it whichever pattern you want but I just go for simple normal braids for mine and it just took me not even 5 minutes to do this. Tied a dead end and that's it, the string are done!

4. Get ready of all the name cards you have and punch a single hole at the middle of the card using puncture.

5. Slip in all the name cards into the string then tied it loose so you can flip through the cards whenever you want to search for contact numbers.
That's it for may really simple name cards filling and as an extra information to share it with you is, for more easier organization or more systematically, you can create your own name card divider so it is easier for you to search later on. While for me, basically I have most of the restaurants name cards so I file it under foods and beverage while others like business, utilities and etc. I hope it really helps you in terms of budgets and organizing. Thank you for reading it.

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