Sushi Tei @ Gurney Plaza

It was the first time we craved for Japanese foods because both of us not really a fans of it then we decided to take a stroll around the mall to see what's Japanese restaurant available and then we saw this super long queue of customers waiting to be seated so we decided to give it a try.

As usual we only order foods that we only will eat them and it is solely cook 100%, we dislike raw or uncooked foods. Even when we dine in at Japanese restaurant, we only order foods that are fully cook. Above picture is something that I really like and definitely will order one whenever I dine in Japanese restaurant. It is Inari Kani Mayo, it tastes sweet, very flavorful scent of the bean curd and it is cold, best to eaten while it is cold because it is very refreshing, plus it is slightly salty so it helps to open up my appetite.
Next what we ordered is, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Lobster Salad and Salmon Salad. Here I only managed to captured egg maya and tuna mayo as the rest it is in our growling stomach. For lobster part, it is a bit too chewy and not compact enough as the ingredients fall here and there after once bite. Salmon and tuna taste almost the same except the smell, tuna smell are slightly strong but it was well manage and mix well with the mayo but I prefer it was serve cold/chill then it will taste a bit better so does the egg mayo, the serving was warm which I don't really like it but still edible and taste quite not bad plus the ingredients is quite full and pack, however the rice is slightly too sticky.
Boyf ordered California Roll which is almost, most of the times his favorite because it is simple and nice to eat plus it is basically wrap with with his favorite ingredients. But I didn't eat it because I don't really like it unless I have the sudden urge, for this I have no comment.
This is the ultimatum our super favorite sushi at there, we will definitely order this every time we dine at there, this dish will never be miss out from out list. Never! It is Golden Roll, the best sushi I ever had because it has mango on it and mango is my favorite foods! It tastes sweet and juicy, lil bit of spice, crispy and very flavorful. One bite you'll feel the freshness and of course the sweetness also come from prawn that they they roll in it. This is just perfect. The fruits fragrant, the sweet scent and crispiness was well combine. Highly recommend by me. Worth the try. Or a must try one.
I also ordered Chicken Katsu Curry Rice because I love Japanese curry to bits! Although it is not spicy but it tastes real good. However, I'm quite disappointed with their serving here as the taste didn't came out from what I expected it to be. The curry taste is light and kinda watery. the vegetables was cut to bug and rough and it is hard to chow down, also the vegetables was hard to chew, Chicken was ok but I think they over fried it as well and the rice is hard and also dry also the serving is a mess, I think their meal is not their specialty, all their sushi and so on was nice and good except meal, the main course and set meals.

And their address is...
No. 170-02-02, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

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