Sungai Pinang Bee Hoon Goreng Stall @ Sungai Pinang

It's been awhile that I saw this stall was so crowded and long queue of people and vehicles causing jam along the road but I never even once want to drop by to buy it because of the area plus the food they sell here is super duper fast sold out and need to wait for another batch. This uncle usually only cook for two or three batch only and once it is finish then he will start cleaning the stall then you will have to try it another day. So once me and Boyf was so lazy to go anywhere far and we decided to stop by here to try it out since we are on motor and we just park beside the groceries store.

At first, I'm the first few to reached first for the second batch and then later the crowd customers start pouring in and some even want to cut queue *pfft*. Since I'm the first few one at there, I have the opportunity to watch how he cook it and damn he must be a very strong man, I don't know how many kilo's are there in the wok and the fire heat was so hot that it hit you indirectly and it even soften the wok! I saw it with my own eyes and I go "OMG!!!" not once or twice but few times, even I saw it to Boyf and he was so impressed and shocked! I couldn't see very clear what actually he put inside it as his movements as fast as lighting strike and it only took him few minutes to fully cook for the second batch.

Then he himself will divide the portion into the take-away packets and another assistant will help him to wrap, put bird eye chili pepper (Cili Padi) and collect money from customers. I only bought two packets, I even seen and heard some customers bought 5-20 packets in one go, it makes me even more curious "Is it that nice?" plus the price is cheap. RM5.00 is more than enough to buy 2 packets. 
So here it is my Vermicelli/Bee Hoon Goreng from the not famous through online ad but he surely have his loyal customers in there. Its pretty simple meal that look just fine and is like Chinese Economy Bee Hoon but I will say that after I have a try on this, definitely I will choose this over Chinese economy bee hoon. It tastes way better, plus with ingredients like scrambled eggs and various vegetables. Don't worry that the taste will gone not so-good after it is cold because the taste is still remain the same but somehow I prefer eat it while still steamy hot as it taste way better.

Once you unwrap the packets, the aroma smells immediately spread out to your nose. The vermicelli is soft and it is not in bad condition as in the vermicelli is not broken into tiny bits of strings. Very flavorful, definitely it is, it is so well cook and blend/mix the flavors together with other ingredients also the best part is if you are a person who like spicy foods then mix it together with Cili Padi and definitely you'll sweat. The vegetables was also well absorb with the flavors as it is soft, juicy and sweets with the flavors plus with the eggs mix in it, it taste really perfect to me. Simple but really nice.

No wonder he have such loyal customers and they even willing to wait for the long queue despite being honk by other vehicles and being criticize because causing the jams along the main road in Sungai Pinang. Now I definitely become their customers not a loyal one yet but is the one that never will bored to eat it three days in a row or so. Still I will suggest that ONLY buy vermicelli as it taste the best, avoid buy egg noodles or MEE/noodles as it doesn't taste that good compared to vermicelli.

And their address is...
Jalan Sungai Pinang, 10150 Georgetown, Penang (Off Jalan Osman Bin Kadir Lit) - Just beside small groceries store

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