Passion Of Kerala @ New World Park

First I has it like in years 2008 ans since then I've been in love with their foods and totally become their fans. Ex-colleague brought us there and recommended us countless of times then one day we agreed to go, Thank god it doesn't disappointed me instead I've become their loyal customer since then. Above is Papadum crackers that will always serve you as F.O.C appetizer first. It comes with quite big portion for 2 person and we always take sometimes to finish it but it taste quite it. Not oily, very aromatic and flavorul plus very crunchy.
Mango Lassi is definitely our favorite at there, we did tried out other flavors but nothing beat their mango flavors, It's bomb it to and I love it very much! It is so flavorful and aromatic yet it is not too sweet either. The textures is thick as well and you may find it hard to drink once it is serve but you can let the ice cubes melts a lil then stir it only drink if you prefer it a bit more watery however the taste won't taste much.
Here they don't just serve plain white for you, they have their own rice vegetarian set for you and it also comes with few side dishes. Banana Leaf Set - Papadom, Morro, Dhal and Curry. If you think with the side dishes is enough for you to go with the rice then there is not need for you to order more dishes. As for  me I only eat few from there many side dishes and I usually only eat their stir fried long beans and bean curd and it taste good especially bean curd while long beans was a bit overcooks and it loose the crispiness while other I have no comments for what I didn't taste them. For rice part, they have tomato and white rice, you can choose which you prefer and they will scoop for you. The rice was ok but not flavorful enough for tomato rice but is is light and fluffly.
We ordered Chicken Masala as our extra side dishes and because I would like to try it out and damn it taste really good, ,just take a look that the color, really sexy and hot! It was really well marinated and the meats really well absorb the flavors. the meats was soft, moist and juicy and it is flavorful as well plus the spice really filled up in your mouth. Mix the sauce with the rice and eat together with, heaven! Love it so much here and the portion they gave for only 2 person is slightly a bit too much.
Because this is the first time I bought Boyf to there and he is scared the the food we ordered is not enough then he decided to order few more dishes though I has warned him. Next I ordered Bawal Sambal/Sambal Promfret because I need to intake some fish for my health conscious. Gosh, the fish meats is so soft, moist and smooth although in side the meats is not as flavorful as the masala chicken the if you mix together with the gravy after peeling it then it should be fine.
MC Nair Fried Chicken. Boyf will never ever miss out them, he is like a kid in adult body, he love them to bits! And of course he ordered it despite I tried so hard to stop from ordering so much but failed. Yup we ordered that and it came out to fantabulous fried chicken! It is so crispy and it is so smoky, of course the best part is eat while it is still steamy hot. Very flavorful, aromatic and the chicken meats is so soft and juicy as well plus it is so crispy that you can hear the sound when you bite then the fragrant just go through your nostrils and it is just good! One more thing I like about it is, it is not so oily though it's been deep fried.
They will also serve you Three types of curry - Dhal, Chicken Curry and Fish Curry for you to mix the with rice and eat but mostly I only prefer chicken curry because it taste best for me because the taste it most suitable for me, spicy, the textures was thick and very flavorful, While fish curry have the fishy smell in it so I don't really like it, for dhal, just like normal dhal only nothing much so different except the textures is more thick.

And their address is...
102-C-3, New World Park, Jalan Burma, 10050 Georgetown, Penang

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