DIY Tissue Case/Pouch

Once I saw my friends bought some tissue case in the mall and I find it, it is not cheap for just a tissue casing although the design was nice and it is in silk. I wanted to buy it but I feel there is not necessary so I decided to make one with the sample my friend borrow me. Let's begin with what you will need...
Few pieces of felt
Tissue packet as your reference measurement
Sewing Needle
Threat, and
Some recycle felt 
1. Measure your felt clothes with tissue packet and draw a line with pencil lightly

2. Cut it with scissors carefully according to the line

3. Re-measure again without the tissue plastic packet, cut or trim again if you find it necessary.

4. Pin the felt carefully with pin needle to get hold of the felt for you
5. With needle threat helper, put in the threat and tied with end note trice to prevent the threat from loosen

6. Sew them carefully and as you sew carefully remove the pin as well. Once the side it complete sew then it has become a pouch but just a plain boring pouch

7. For design, I reused some of the left over felt and cut out some cute patterns for the pouch and design it on my own then sew it perfectly on it. place tissues in it then tadaja~ ~ ~ It is done and ready to use...
So makes three for my personal use, although my sewing skills is not that good but I'm kinda satisfied with the output and it looks fine for me moreover it is only for my personal use not not for sell so yup it's ok. Well, it worth the try and it is quite fun too and it only takes few minutes, not even an hour to do this. Good luck to you guys!

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