Types Of Allergies

Was not feeling well for the past few weeks regarding my gastric and colon so was visiting one clinic and saw this few posters regarding types of allergies in very simple, understandable and brief way. Immediately I thought that I should snap some photos of it and read about it also to show Boyf that he possibly have allergies as well plus I can share it out through my blog. Many people lazy to read or understand the medical jargon and this will make them lost interest in reading for themselves regarding about their health which is very important for them to know about it and quarterly at least well-equip  with the brief information.
Hmmm...have you read through already? I hope it help you all at least 5-6%. So have you experience any allergies? Well I have few and I fond out more after reading it and I'm glad that I found out about that and I definitely will be more careful next time. That's all I want to share now besides foods blogging. I hope this will be more beneficial than foods posting.

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