Sunrich Unity Tom Yum Steamboat @ Prangin Mall

Another spot for its best steamboat to have during rainy day definitely is this restaurant for its super duper zuper spicy Tom Yum Steamboat, no one can ever resist their tom yum and no one ever will come out from the restaurant without sweating, red face and sausage lips. They have ala carte dishes/meal as well which you can order if you don't feel like eating steamboat on that day but mainly what offer at there is tom yum. Best advice I can offer here is, for those who can't really take spicy food it is best not to go or please order more drinks. So what we usually order here is herbal drinks like Chrysanthemum or Winter Melon. The drinks is never enough for us when the spice hit us so badly, it will best if the lessen the ice cubes and fill in with more drinks also the drinks is slightly more sweeter as it helps to lessen down the spice in you later.
So these is all the side dishes for the steamboat, it comes with several packages which you can choose from and we choose the most simple and suitable for both of us. So here is side dishes: thinly slice pork meat and chicken, maggie, frozen foods like vegetables fishballs, varieties of fishballs and meatballs, deep fried bean curd, egg, prawns and varieties of vegetables and etc...
So here is the BoMB! The Super Spicy Tom Yum Steamboat! Or shall I say here is the monster? By looking at it already tempt me so much and making me so craving for it so much as well. The color of the tom yum really look fierce doesn't it? This thing is one scary soup but it is also the best soup for those who like spicy food and it is really good to warm you up during the cold and rainy day. This monster really can make you you sweat and adrenaline flush, it can be notice during half of the meal time and by that time your lips start to feel numb and swollen.
Deep Fried Chicken Wing With Plum Sauce, this was given to us free-of-charge (FOC) because one of the side dished is was finished back then and we was in luck to tried out something good. It was delicious, it is quite crispy for the outer layer, and the meat is soft inside also it is quite flavorful. It was nice, sweet food served after hot and spicy foods is just fabulous This is one restaurant that won't disappoint you with the tom yum soup, worth the try..

Their address is...
Lot 33-3-65, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong. 10100 Georgetown, Penang

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