Kapitan Classic White Coffee @ Gurney Plaza

Boyf and me totally have no idea of what to have for our lunch at Gurney one day and many restaurants are so packed and crowded with people and we decided to go one restaurant at the end of gurney place basement corner to try out this restaurant as it is not so packed with customers and the service seems fast plus their concept is almost like Old Town White Coffee so we gave it a try.
Boy ordered Cham Iced which is coffee mixed with milked tea. I love this beverage very much but I decided not to order and Boyf need coffee to stay awake. I recommend it, seriously. For coffee lover you'll definitely find it very satisfying. It is so thick in textures and very aromatic! The scent and textures will glued or stick in your mouth and it is so bubbly. Just one glass and it will make you awake and happy.
Red Beans with Brown Sugar Iced. I ordered this as I like this types of beverage as well. Very unique and taste good. Although the soya milk taste a bit plain but the red beans did a good job in covering it.but not that best, just acceptable. The red beans was soft and sweet, I prefer if they can blend it together with the soy milk? Then it definitely taste even better rather than just bits of chunks of the red beans here and there and I need to scoop it. Plus they should have help to mix or stir the brown sugar syrup for me as I find it difficult to mix the beverage well because of the red beans blocking plus there is too many ice cubes and the end of the bottom the beverage taste super sweet!
Boyf ordered Stir Fried Chicken with Three Variety Seasons for himself and he said just acceptable, not much complaints or compliments but he did said it does not taste the so-call three variety seasons, he said it just taste like Kung Po Chicken. I didn't try also so I have no comment.
Crispy Cheesy Nuggets for our appetizer but end up is our main course snacks because it was served after our main course was served to us. Crispy is just what they proclaim as I don't find it crispy, it is soft and the meats inside its soft, juicy and quite cheesy but not aromatic or flavorful enough plus the combination is not so suitable, I means some nuggets does pair up with cheese and it taste good but for this is one, it is just acceptable more over the chili sauce for us to sip with doesn't go well with it very much. We ended up ate it without dipping the chili sauce.
Penang Curry Mee is what I ordered because I suddenly craving for it so badly. Yes it is indeed Penang curry mee taste but it is more to Penang vegetarian curry mee taste like. Seriously no kidding at all maybe because for this restaurant it is halal restaurant and there is no pork is allow, I bet is the broth that make it taste like this because majority for other non-halal seller will use pork ribs to boil the base. Overall, it is really taste not bad, there is the scent of the aroma and quite flavorful, it tastes sweet as well but I prefer it will be more spicier? Because it doesn't taste spicy and the smell of spiciness is very light. Overall, is not bad but it is weird to have eggs in the noodles.

And their address is...
No. 170, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney 10250, Penang (*Gurney Plaza Basement)

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