Honda Showroom Hawker Stalls Junction @ Sungai Pinang

So there's one hot spot for breakfast near my house and many people will drop by at there to have their breakfast before off to work though the place doesn't look so hygiene/clean and it is always crowded with customers no matter what time it is. Some may be view its unhealthy as there is lots of vehicles driving pass the place and some of the dining table wasn't that really clean as well, sometimes you have to clean the table by yourself as well so basically it is not that clean only but many are dining at there for morning breakfast.
So there is this Wan Tahn Mee stall that MummyQ said taste not bad so I give it a try, so all I can comment is it really taste pretty good but if they use better egg noodles then it should be even better as the noodles they use is more suitable for more clear watery type. The food they prepare here is more to thicken sauce type not the watery type that's I said the noodles will be best if it change to the more suitable one. Overall I like how the sauce was prepared and it taste pretty nice to me, personally as I like this type of Wan Tahn Mee but I'm aware that some people don't like this type of Wan Tahn Mee so this is my personal opinion, it is bitter, sweet and salty, quite aromatic and not that oily as well but the presentation a bit dull despite the plate and the chopsticks they use is so appealing.
Another is Fried Fish Meat Maggie, which all I can say is acceptable but not the best and the hygiene of their stall is the worse (?) compared to others? It is kinda dry although, I personally prefer more gravy so it will helps to smoother the foods for easier to eat and digestion. Plus the noodles is kinda hard to chew on as well, more like it wasn't well cook before it went in for the fried. Not so aromatic as well, you only be able to smell it when it is near to your nose, taste was just not bad and the fried fish meat is a lil bit cold inside despite it was recook with the noodles and the outer layer was a bit soggy when it suppose to be crispy and juicy at the same time but there was none. However it worth the try and they also offer other varieties to order. Should give it another try next time.
There is three famous foods at there and one of it is Curry Mee, I started to eat their curry mee since I was a teenage girl and now I'm in my 20's I've always like their curry mee because it taste really good but has stop for awhile because my health gone bad at certain point and recently I went there to eat again and I found that the quality and quantity kinda drop a bit but it is still taste good. And whenever I eat curry mee, I will always ask them not to put in blood jelly and cockles as I don't eat and hate it if some that also offer cuttlefish I'll also will not put it in, I'll just put in prawns, and fried tofu also beans sprout with a lots of chili paste. Although it may look like watery but the aroma and taste is really strong and thicken plus it is quite spicy as well however it is slightly oily but that is what make it taste good. Oh the soup taste and testures kinda thick and sweet too, I guess they must be boiling the soup based for a very long time.
Duck Herbal Soup Vermicelli OR Duck Drumstick Vermicelli which direct translate it from Chinese Hokkien Ark Tooi Mee Suah. This is the most famous foods at there and most of the people who come to dine at there is because of this. It is also one of my favorite as well, it is healthy for you and it is nice to eat as well, yummylicious! The broth is really thick in textures and the aroma is really killing and the best things is when it was eaten during it is still hot, it really warm out your cold body and lessen your swollen face in morning, in other words it energize you up during morning. Basically many people order chicken meats rather than duck but I don't know why it is call so for the dish name. Not only drumstick do they offer, they also offer many other parts of chickens, ducks and pork as well which is a good thins so you many other choices. I usually don't order drumstick but spare ribs as it taste even better as the marinated meat are more easily soak with the soup taste. They boil the based and marinate the meats for overnight, that's why it taste so good plus  Plus the vermicelli they use is really smooth, soft and bouncy? If you know what I means as I really don't know how to describe it. Overall this is the best! In Korea it is Jjang!!!
There also have Loh Bak, is like morning heavy snacks. The lok bak here really taste not bad but the quality has dropped compared to the last time and the Taukua is what I like the most because it is very soft, aroma was strong, moist and not airy plus not oily and it is very compact not to missed out it very bouncy! Second dish I like the most the the lok bak itself. It is very well marinates with the Chinese spices, moist, soft and very compact and again it is not too oily despite being fried for the second time and the thin bean curd layer that wrap the marinated spices minced pork was crispy and not burn despite being deep fried. Gravy and the chili sauce was good because it is quite spicy and I like spicy, the gravy that look like glue alike doesn't taste too sweet also nor too thick in textures as well which I like it that way. Like usual I'll order century eggs as well because I love eating it and for me it is a must for dishes like this, more over they handle the century eggs smell pretty good as the smell was strong and they able to lessen the smell a lots with marinated ginger.
Another stall is this Chinese stall selling Chinese Nasi Lemak, which is slightly a bit different from Malay Nasi Lemak as they offer the traditional basic type but Chinese offer more varieties types which more like economic rice but with limited selection or options however the traditional type is still maintain which is the sambal enchovies, hard boil eggs and slices of cucumber still you can choose not to want that because it is up to you to choose what you like to eat. I will still o with the basic but without cucumber, I will replace it with other dishes like pork ham or so and of course Chinese nasi lemak will be more expensive than the Malay nasi lemak double to price. The taste really not bad and quite aromatic also quite spicy but I personally prefer Malay nasi lemak no matter what or Chinese nasi lemak have more option for dishes. There you can choose the normal white plain rice or nasi lemak rice, they offer both but I will always go for nasi lemak rice which taste better and more aromatic! Still I think Malay nasi lemak is the BEst!
Here is the morning breakfast I like the most at there, most simple breakfast but it is also the complete breakfast for me, most yummylicious breakfast! It is Toasted Bread! Yup toasted bread but it is not any ordinary toast bread it is more like burger Malaysian style burger, we just called it toasted bread. They have many choices for your to choose and different choices different price and the most expensive is not more than RM 5.00. As simple as it is yet it taste really nice and yummylicious especially when it was serve and eat while it smoky hot. It really warm up your morning blue and just feel so energized. The bread is so soft and smell so nice, so flavorful as well but it is kinda oily then top it with your favorite choice, I always go for bacon + cheese + egg = heaven!!! Everyone should give it a try, it is just worth it! Fingers licking good! Omg, I'm just getting hungry by just thinking of it!
Another simple yet delicious food here is Roti Canai. Yes, here have multicultural breakfast you can enjoy almost daily. I wish I just work nearby here. As a reminder, if you want to eat this stall roti canai, my best advice is, never ever come after pass 10.00am as it will be already sold out and they start cleaning their cart/stall. What I like here is not because of their gravy or curry but the roti itself. It is crispy, thin in layer, soft, very flavorful and the smell it just so nice also not so oily. As you can see from above picture, I ordered Murtabak and inside the ingredients is so compact and a lots like shredded chicken meats and minced onions yet the eggs is so soft, flavorful and moist. It worth the try, truly. Plus their service is fast and friendly. However, I still prefer their roti canai better.

And their address is...
Jalan Sungai Pinang, 10150 Georgetown, Penang (Just in front of Honda Showroom & opposite of KIA motor service center)

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