GSC Movies Snacks @ Gurney Plaza

Both me and Boyf are slightly different as we don't really like watching movies with popcorn or I should say we don't really like popcorn, not that we hate or dislike it, it is just not our favorite snacks to eat while watching movies as it kinda disturb our hearing whenever we bite it and causes us sometimes missed the movies conversations so we switch our snacks to something more quiet but luckily it was nice to eat.

Usually we will buy Mash-potatoes, it's an instant mash-potatoes from Maggi brand but it was nice although it's a bit watery and less compact from the potatoes. It's watery due its gravy not because of the mash=potatoes so I'm fine with it. The mash=potatoes was so soft and moist and so flavorful, I know its instant so it is incredibly taste a lots better than some home-cooked but still I want to compliment it as if you're not good in taste or quality even it is instant food, it won't taste good as well.

Second food will be Boyf all time favorite snack in the cinema, Chicken Meatballs. One stick comes with 3 meatballs and he usually order large one, fatty Boyf he is. I like it but I even more like it if it was serve warm, usually when we bought it, its starting to cold and really a bit turn off to me. Still it's very addictive meatballs, it flavorful, bouncy, soft and  juicy inside the meatballs plus the Chili sauce drizzle all over it, well the Chili sauce is quite spicy so we definitely like it very much and have always request to put more of it.

And their address is...
Gurney Plaza Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)

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