Emptied My Phone Gallery

Was a bit free during the work time for about an hour or two so decided to warmed up my super duper zuper rusty fingers after for almost 10 years of not drawing especially human figures. Comedic character I still okay with it but not as real as before, now I prefer doodle more as it is more easier and looks cute and funny.

I drew Sandara Park from K-Pop girl group name 2NE1 as I'm going to attend their upcoming concert in Malaysia and this is my first concert I ever go for the quarter of my life and I decided to draw one to keep as a memory. I choose her because I totally love her hairstyle, so cool!!! Her hairstyle never fail to make my jaw drop to the ground and feel shock and amaze. Although the outcome really make me disappointed but at least the mirror does not though it is not clear as the one I drew on the paper. It may look real retard but I'm happy as well because I never learn drawing from any art class except for coloring class during my toddler years, plus the only ever art classes I attended is during my primary and secondary school time which is the class I love the most but then I did not end up in this field, way opposite from what I'm working right now, still I love arts.

So what do you think of it? Totally retard right? I know and I accept the critics because I feel so. Hope I have the time to sharpen back my fingers? I miss drawing~~~T_T *sob sob*
This year Chinese New Year clothes, we as in me and Boyf totally burned our wallet to the MAX!!! Besides bought some from online, we also spend a big amount on expensive clothing. OMG. That's our haul at the end of the day and we are paying the price now though we are happy with the clothes and the quality plus all the items above are from the discount price. Kinda happy but heartache as well. First time ever in our quarter life. No more next time, we shall control ourselves better. It is totally evil. Evil temptations. Don't  you think so ladies and gentlemen?

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