What's Happened to Me?!!!

I wasn't sure what happened to me, all I know is I suddenly feel pain in everywhere in my body and fever just shoot sky high, so damn uncomfortable. I did not even noticed red spots starting to appeared in my face and though I maybe because my fever is so high that it makes me look so reddish as if I just drink few bottles of beers in one shot so I just ignored it until the next day the spot spreads to upper body and I thought I had eaten too much seafood that my allergy appear, again I ignored.
Then until the red spots spread to hands, which become so visible at the third day and my hand starting to feel real pain and hardly to bend my fingers. As you can see from the pictures: my arm, my fist and my palm. It shocked MummyQ and she quickly called Boyf to bring me see doctor. Also my face the rashes causes my face so swollen too.
See? That's my tight then leg and my foot at the bottom of the picture. It feels so horrible, terrible and urgh the feeling is indescribable.

And then the diagnosis came out. It wasn't allergy and it wasn't any kind of dangerous infection but it is Exanthema Subitum/Roseola Infantum or well known as "Chut Piak" in Hokkien. After I heard the diagnosis, I was a bit relief but damn feeling after the doctor said it was just a fake/false alarm of Exanthema Subitum/Roseola Infantum and I was like WHAT?!!! Are you kidding me? This damn fake/false alarm was already causing me so much pain and seriously I cannot imagine the real Exanthema Subitum/Roseola Infantum happen to me.

I reached home and I google-ed out what the damn it that even though just by typing, it takes me so long to typed and the pain is so bearable but damn pain and numb. So it was also known as Three-Day Fever and the third day itself only I went to see doctor, I must be damn crazy and damn hated to see doctor person. Medicine was prescribed and it taste horrible. I know my immune system is very weak even when I'm not sick, and Three-Day Fever doesn't happen to me, it last me almost 1 week!!! Damn it!

As I read what the damn hell is Exanthema Subitum/Roseola Infantum, this stupid red spots supposingly only happen to babies up till 18-years-old but I already surpass the age like years? And I'm like What?!!! again. Are you kidding me my body? Are you playing fool with me now? I hate chu!!!Luckily it did not left any stupid scars on my body or permanent damage to my skin as I was so damn slow discovering and realize it.

Hopefully you, Exanthema Subitum/Roseola Infantum won't appear ever again in my life as you gave me pretty much sky high of scared and worries and feeling so bad that I need someone to help feed me waters in mugs as my fingers couldn't bend and just just allow to eat tasteless foods for 2 weeks!!! Oh and it cause me to take my bath much longer than I usually did, erghhh damn you body. That week I feel so old, so useless, so troublesome to people around me.

To know more about Exanthema Subitum/Roseola Infantum <--- this stupid rashes, please click here.

For your information, this stupid dots happened to me quite sometimes already it's been a year or so. Just found out the photos and decided to share it with you awesome people.

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