Street Hawker's Centre @ Lebuh Presgrave

Many of Penangites surely recognize this place immediately and now it have become tourist spot to munch on local yummylisious foods at its affordable price. Like I stated in my post title, it is just a hawker's centre in another part on Penang and not any fancy dancy restaurants so don't expect the environment is good or the place is nice to sit and the presentation of the foods is well presented nicely plus it is always jam with vehicles and no parking area. Although I said it until this badly, but the flock of crowd never less and it is getting more and more each day, people just don't mind of the environment as long as the foods taste yummy!

First let me introduce you Wan Tahn Mee, or also well-known as Tok Tok Mee for the elder's. This stall want tahn mee tastes real good for me but never order noodles but replace it with rice vermicelli/beehoon as their vermicelli taste slightly a bit different than others and it is good. It is slightly more watery than the usual wan tahn mee you order else where but it does not taste oily, salty or so, everything just well blend in. The vermicelli are slightly look fatter for its textures and more springy as well, soft and smooth like you are eating silk. The wan tahn/dumpling is very packed with the minced pork and it is moist inside though not really flavorful. Char Siew are not oily as well but a bit dry and it tastes slightly sweet, you can also choose jalapeno or sambal or both in your wan tahn mee to add more spicy taste.
Another food is a must try at there is 888 Hokkien Mee, it is very famous among the Penangites and tourist as well, and their customers is like will never end until the business is over, the crowd is so packed in the restaurant (home-based type) until some willing or force to share table and even willing to be seated at the road side. I've always love their hokkien mee since I was young and this business is been doing well for like generations already. I  ordered on with a lil mix with Loh/gravy as they also selling Loh Mee but not that famous compared to their hokkien mee. At there you can also add some of additional ingredients into your bowl of hokkien mee like pork knuckles, roasted pork and so on with just at the affordable price.

The later you go the more crowd it will be but it is also the best time you order and enjoy it as the soup based brew longer the taste, taste even better and the textures even thicker. The soup based is definitely the ingredients for it and I bet their recipes will never ever be reveal out, it tastes sweet with very strong aroma of prawns and it is very flavorful with their additional secret spices and pork ribs into boil for hours longs, then boil again before the business kicks start. Other normal ingredients that usually they added in the meal is shredded pork, egg, dried baby shrimp, beans sprout, deep fried onions, chili for additional/more spicy taste and a lil bit of minced garlic mix with vinegar if you order your hokkien mee mix with loh/gravy, like mine as you can see from above picture.
Next a must order dessert is Ice Kacang/Shaved Ice. Some may just call it as ABC Ice Kacang as it is as easy as ABC to make it. I really like this stallk Ice Kacang just because the ice is really finely shaved, the red beans is not broken into small pieces and the syrup to go with the ice is not too sweet also the portion is quite big plus point for it, is because of the additional ice cream they add on top of it. Why? because it is peanut butter ice cream and it is so creamy, the textures is so soft and thicken. Another minus point is they won't deliver/serve their dessert to next cafe, they will only serve them if yo were seated at their own area/territory? If you really want to eat it at the cafe, you have to pay extra, wait for the queue then self-service by yourself which means you have to make the delivery/serving to your own table. Overall, it is the best to have it when the weather is hot or you are eating spicy food as such it goes well with Hokkien Mee.
Another late night snacks we both like to have as supper is Fried Tofu and Stir Fried Oyster although it may be not healthy as it is really oily and full of starch but it tastes good, well it's ok for once awhile to have it. But there is one thing funny between us is although we order stir fried oyster, there is no oyster in it as we don't eat oyster. So basically the dish only have spring onions, eggs, starch, and oyster sauce in it. Although it may sound weird to some people the way we eat it but I don't really bother by it because I really like to eat it like this and it taste fantastically nice! For those who don't eat oyster but yet like to eat this late night snack, you can request for it and definitely they will cook for you though it may sound weird and they might laugh or smile by your order and of course the price will be the same, no discount or pay less for it. As for fried tofu, it is just nice. It is soft, quite juicy and flavorful but not the best just nice and good, acceptable.
Another territory where the Hokkien Mee, Wan Tan Mee and Ice Kacang are not to allow to bring is...the cafe/coffee shop beside it but the foods over there some taste really not bad. The foods really not bad just the sellers have conflicts between them. There is few foods that I frequently order at the cafe is...

Western Food. The food really taste not bad, slightly a bit better with many types of selection and the price is at its affordable price, just worth the price for its portion as well. Above is Chicken Marryland, while other just give ham, sausage and deep fried banana, they give an extra fried egg on top of the fried chicken. Ham, and sausage I cannot comment much because it is can/frozen food so it taste pretty the same with other can/frozen food. The fried banana was ok, the banana is sweet and soft, it is crispy and not too oily but the size is quite small. The bun was soft and flavorful however, it will taste even better if it is serve hot/warm. The fries was a bit cold and soggy also a bit bland but the fried chicken is pretty ok. It is pretty soft for the chicken texture though it taste a bit bland but it is quite crispy.

Fried Rice was nice, you can request for salted fish if you want something salty in your food and strong flavor but I prefer not too, I like original better. The rice is fluffy and very flavorful. the textures is soft and the color really look nice plus the portion is just nice. Top with deep fried onions, char siew and mixed vegetables and prawns it is just perfect, the prawns is soft, juicy and tastes quite sweet. Simple not complicated fried rice is the best.

Last but not least is Deep Fried Fish Meat With Vermicelli/Maggie. It is really simple meal but it taste nice however, sometimes I think is not worth the price. Just few pieces of deep fried fish meats, few strings of vegetables and stir fried noodles it cost RM5.00+. But it definitely taste not bad, the noodles is soft, flavorful still it will be best if it was serve and eaten while hot and the fish still crispy before become soggy. Everything here really worth to try for and it is something  we both like to eat when we dine at there.

And their address is...
 Lebuh Presgrave, 10300 Penang

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