Happy Ma-Velous Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day 2014

 Blame it on me for not wishing everyone the Chinese New Year greeting, first of all before Chinese New Year I'm really busy with many stuffs around here and there and I can even lost track of time. After New Year, things started even get busier as Chinese New Year approaching soon, many things to be prepare and buy plus spring cleaning, a total busy days from my side until my eyes bag almost reaching my jawline.

So here's me in CNY Team for my company events and we are trying our very best to deco the Chinese New Year deco ideas from our advisor and things got bored and mates was tired so I joked around with Snowman head as if it is for lion dance performance. Then they got all excited with it and asked me to wear it whole day but well, they just joking.
Here's our simple Chinese New Year decorations that took or brains juices and our energy for weeks also this decorations definitely have its purpose. More over all this deco we worked it out with out sweats, energy, concentration and strength also days and nifghts but now Chinese New Year is over and we have to take it down so I'm kinda a bit heavy heart actually so I took picture of it. We do all the deco from raw materials, is like nothing to something and it has its purpose. Is like Santa & Childe games where the Santa have to take care of their child and the child have to find out who is their Santa is. While tweak it a bit for this game, it is the same just we change the name to Choi San Yeh (God of Prosperity) and Villager. People's can write their new year wish and wishes from their Choi San Yeh too and hang it at there. We called our deco as Horseh-Go-Gold just like Mary-Go-Round, but ours is the paper cut horse going around. So how was it?
Valentine's is yesterday and it also coincides with Chinese Valentine's Day which is Chap Goh Meh (15th Day of Lunar Calendar) it is also means that the last day of Chinese New Year, This year I didn't prepare much so does my Boyf as both were busy working especially him who have to travel outstation. While me just bought him Hersey's Kisses Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher as a small surprise. Many people doesn't have the mood to work yesterday and everyone in my office is like waiting for the clock to strike 6pm as there is many celebrations going on in one day. Both of us just wear our working attire and headed to hotel restaurant without any prior booking and well it is just a buffet dinner and we have time at there although the foods wasn't that pleased with the price we paid for it.

M's bought everyone of us pink roses and he even gave one to our cleaning auntie, so sweet of him! Well he's been real sweet and nice to everyone. Thank you M for the roses although I'm not a big fans of flower's but I really appreciate it as it shows you love all of us despite the price rose that high just for that particular day and you still bought for us. Well as for T's gf thank you for your cute cup cake that you secretly deliver for T's all the way from KL and treated as the cup cake! It was adorably pretty and I was so reluctant to eat it but I did and it taste really nice! Thank you for the cup cake and I hope I did well to presented T's the surprise gift you prepared for him. Hope you two stay lovable, cherish each other, deep in love each day and sweets forever.

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