Yarn Organization

 As you can read from my previous post regarding entangled thread, I too have problem with yarn and frequently make a mess with it as I keep using the wrong end tip and ended up tangled up everything and the size of the yarn itself really waste some space in my drawer to I decided to take some action same as the thread but slightly different this time.

You'll need...
Hard Paper OR Cardboard (But I use Red Packets as Many left over after Chinese New Year)
Scotch Tape
Paper Clips (Not in the Picture)
Many Yarns 
1) Untied all the yarns.
2) Fold the red packets into finger size and tape it.
3) Tape at the end of the yarn tip onto the red packets and start to roll it tight.
4) At the near end of another tip pull it over to the edge of the red packets and use paper clip and clip it together, then done!

Just that simple and another space get bigger in my drawer plus it wont get tangle here and there anymore.

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