Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks @ Gurney Plaza

Me and Boyf are a big fans of snacks bites food, because they are pretty easy to be found everywhere, affordable price and taste nice, well most of it. Thought it slightly not really healthy for some. This was suppose to be really early post but I had been keep it until now only realize I had forgotten about it.

As it was well known as Taiwan Street Snacks so we just tried it out, many people who are aware of Taiwan foods may be also aware that they have a lots of foods selling from daylight to nighttime with some never seen before, some also very creative, while others may be their cultural/heritage foods. So it wasn't bad to try out something new related to Taiwan in Penang right?

Hmmm...they also selling others snacks but what attracted both of us the most is the fried chicken, damn it look so tempting hot chick. As we both walked near the stall the smell was so good and the temptation are getting high and mouth getting real itchy, can't wait to try it out, so we ordered one.

It was called XXL Crispy Chicken. The size of the chicken breast was big so do the portion, the tenderness of the chicken was nice as well, soft, flavorful, moist and juicy. The outer layer of the chicken breast was very crispy, flavorful but not too oily and it was sprinkle with their special blend spices that tasted really spicy as the snacks simple dressing. And it is best eaten while it is still hot as it taste much more juicier and the spices able to bring out the best aroma and taste at that time. Gosh by talking about it makes me feel like having one now...I don't know whether this is halal or not as it is Chinese foods but seems like no pork was serve at there, but best I put it as non-halal just in case, so readers please ask the person-in-charge before buy, just to be safe.

And their address is...

Lot 170.B1.K10, Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang

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