Ribbon Organization

Ever since I know the trick I immediately fall over for it and keep doing the same since then for thread and yarn and I decided to do the same for my used ribbon as well. Those ribbon are ribbons that used to wrapped around on my presents and I keep it as well because I think it is a waste to throw it away since it's not cheap as well plus actually I can re-use it for another present wrap.

Things you'll need is...
Notepad Paper
Scotch Tape
Many Used Ribbons OR Left Over Ribbons

And the steps are all the same as previous post but still I'll explain it again.
1) Tear up the notepad paper and fold it or roll it until it is hard and tight then tape it well.
2) Tape the end of the ribbons on the paper and stat to roll.
3) Near the end for another ribbon, pull it tight, real tight before tape the ribbon.

Isn't that easy and simple to do? Yet it helps to save another space in my drawer and I'm really happy with it because I can place more things in my drawer now. Happy me is happy.

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