Nando's @ Gurney Plaza

Another of our favorite spot is Nando's, it used to be Kenny's Roger but as we grow older, we prefer Nando's more, we don't know why but I can guess that our taste preference has change to more mature? Anyway, let's talk about food. We always order bottom up beverage which is refillable drinks and basically most of it is soft drinks except Ice Lemon Tea, above is Miranda Strawberry soft drinks. Why we prefer refillable drinks is because we drinks quite a lot of water especially Boyf so this really helps us satisfying our needs at very affordable price. Just like any other soft drinks, it's pretty normal and nothing so special to comment about it except sweet and gassy perhaps?
For starter we usually ordered Mushrooms Soup but only sometimes we ordered it if we really or me really need some food to warm we up and open up my appetite. This may be not the best mushrooms soup but the portion is really big for one person so it is best to share with two person. It's creamy, smooth and look really delicate however, it does not aromatic as it seems, the fragrance are slightly too light, not that flavorful enough and less minced mushrooms in it. May be it just happen for Gurney branch not others so don't generalize that all the mushrooms they offer are the same.
I found another favorite of mine in Nando's which is Angry Mango. It comes with Ala Carte and side dished and here I ordered with side dishes which is their famous thick-cut fries with same chili powder sprinkle on top to it. The burger bun may look dry but it is quite moist, flavorful and soft, what makes me fall for it is because of its juicy chicken cooked with freshly slice mango. It is go juicy. sweet, and tangy to my liking. They also have other selection for Angry Mango beside burger, like wrap and pita, both also I have tried and I like it.
As of Boyf he always like their Nando's Roasted Chicken. He will either order half chicken or quarter chicken with side dishes and he will also always order super spicy sauce sizzle on top of the roasted chicken. I can say it is very fined food as it was serve warm, the roast chicken smell so tempting, not oily, the chicekn meats are soft and juicy, everything is good, the problem here is me myself that I cannot take so much of meats at the same time so I always go for other selection they offer in their menu. As many aware of what type of side dishes they offer, we I mean both of us will always go for/prefer to order Coleslaw, Corn-on-Cob, Peri-Peri Chips and Mediterranean Rice but recently I personally think that their corn quality slightly drop as it is hard to bite, taste uncooked and bitter. As for Mediterranean rice, it is very flavorful, fluffy, not oily and so soft, I really like their Mediterranean rice.

And their address is...
70-G-49, Plaza Gurney, 10250 Gurney Drive, Penang 

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