Although it is a bit late than everyone else but Ok let's revise back the list I plan to do in year 2013 or click here to view:

1) Get a New Job
2) Earn $$$
3) Blog More
4) Eat More
5) Play More
6) Short Trip (Local or Overseas) at least 1 = Backpack = Budget = Explore
7) Learn More Arts & Crafts
8) Dream More XD

Result is:

1) Get a New Job - Done!!! 
2) Earn $$$ - In Progressing
3) Blog More - Need to improve more
4) Eat More - Need to improve more
5) Play More - Deteriorated 
6) Short Trip (Local or Overseas) at least 1 = Backpack = Budget = Explore - Done!!!
7) Learn More Arts & Crafts - Need to improve more
8) Dream More XD - Need to improve more

This year it started not so well but hopefully things will be going smoothly later on. So here is another To-Do List for 2014 and definitely it will be more longer than previous year as I'm getting greedy and want to be a better person.

To-Do List for 2014:

1) Work Smarter & Harder
2) Play Harder & Smarter as well
3) Earn more $$$
4) Blog more
5) Explore more
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas) - at least one (backpack)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts
8) Become stronger
9) Eat more
10) Target affordable house
11) Be more healthy
12) Become more stronger
13) Read more books
14) Save more $$$ as well
15) Spend more time with loved ones
16) Exercise more
17) Be more braver & better than last year
18) Become better person

Do you think I can complete all this To-Do List for 2014? I wasn't able to do well all the tasks I list in 2013 so I don't really have the confident to do well for 2014 list as well but I definitely will try my best for some points that I think it is important for me to improve else I'm going to have major break down/high level of stress because of someone who I refer as "OOOOO" I need to over OOO. Wish me super luck then.

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