Merry Christmas 2013

Though it might a bit late to wish everyone Merry Christmas but it is better than never am I right? So how my reader's celebrate it? This joy-able, merry-merry, warm, and etc occasion how was it celebrated and pass this memorable day?
As for me, my updates is I'm in deep problem here. My MD has urged me to meet with one Chinese Master regarding my health problem and I've been ignoring it as the consultation fees is a bit expensive and I got caught again by my MD and he personally made an appointment with me together with the Master on Christmas Eve for check-up and the result wasn't that favorable, I have a lot of health complications happen inside me that Western medication wouldn't help much and the Master personally heal me as mine wasn't an easy case, he said if I have prolong for another few years I might actually need Western medical to treat me by operating it. I'm happy that I do not need to go until that stage as it sound really scary to me. Though the fee might be a lil bit too expensive but as long as the Master able to fix me/heal me then price is a bit much more cheaper than surgery after put some thought about it. It caused me so much pain after the treatment that I wasn't able to lift my hand more higher than my shoulder so this year no countdown for me and I'm resting at home on Christmas day. Luckily we were given holidays the following two days, so I'm able to work from home and do some simple spring cleaning. About treatment, it will be many times before I fully recover even the Master also can't promise me when will I fully recover but hopefully ASAP cause the pain is unbearable and my hand wasn't able to do heavy work, it a bit troublesome and a bit bothersome.
Okie dokie, let's talk about something positive. How is the Christmas decorations looks? Cute? Cool? My Christmas teammates make those, I especially love the DIY Snowman, it is so adorable! Make some for your next Christmas celebration maybe? It is easy and cheap decorations, definitely worth it!
Well that's my simple updates regarding myself and simple season greeting to everyone=)

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