Kim Keong @ Kampar

During my 3 years undergraduates life in Kampar, there is always one place I like to go to have my dinner because there is the only place to have both of my favorites food and dessert at once. This is the only place I find comfort plus the service is good, the foods was not bad so do the price. Back then, Kampar doesn't have many restaurants or cafe's and only have selected food choices though have a few numbers of restaurant and cafe but they all offer 80% almost the same menu and you'll only rely on the other 20% to survive the months long before semester break and back to hometown. I think my year of student's will understand that so does the seniors unlike now, I notices many new cafe's, restaurants and fast food's chain are popping up quite fast and popular at there now.

At Kim Keong cafe, I has eyes on few foods only like I always do, first it will be their Sago Honeydew Ice Shave. Kampar weather is extremely hot when it comes to first half year and cold foods is a must to stay fresh and their Sago Honeydew is just so nice and so refreshing. Although it is powdery as you can taste it but it is very flavorful, the smell was so nice, the portion is big, doesn't taste too sweet either and have a lots of topping plus the color looks so nice, I know it is because of coloring but it really looks nice. The smell is enough to open up your appetite and a spoon of it really make you feel so happy and refresh. But it's hard to find this types of dessert in Penang.
Second things is Baked Cheese Spaghetti, I know it doesn't look look awesome but during my undergraduate years Kim Keing cafe is the only one selling baked cheese spaghetti and because of that I'm very fond with it. The portion was good, but the sauce was a bit watery, meatballs and minced meats was kinda little too so does the cheese as you can see from above pictures, the taste just fine, acceptable so seriously nothing much to say. Like I said I miss it because of fond not taste.
Third will be Boyf all time snacks bite, Fried Wedges. It tastes real not bad, is crunchy at the outside and soft, moist, aromatic in the inside and with a bit of salt sprinkle on it really bring the taste better and quite addictive but that only taste nice while it is still hot else you'll experience super oily damper. About cheese part, well you can see from above picture the sauce just a bit so do the mayonnaise and nothing special about it, I personally think without the sauce it would be much better.

And their address is...
Jalan Timah Baru, Taman Kolej Perdana, Bandar Baru (New Town/Westlake), 31900 Kampar, Perak

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